Back to school health for children: Moderation and balance are essential

August 08, 2018
As fall rolls in and another school year begins, the Military Health System is encouraging parents and children to remember some everyday tips for staying healthy.

Proper dental care can prevent disease

August 14, 2018
More than fighting bad breath or preventing gingivitis, research shows that dental health also contributes to the overall well-being of Airmen.

Tips for getting your child back on a school sleeping schedule

August 03, 2018
Has summer thrown a major wrench into your child’s sleeping schedule? You know, the one you worked so hard to maintain all school year? We feel you.

Understanding MTF priority for care

August 11, 2018
Living overseas can present a set of challenges when it comes to medical care.

Future fall challenges to keep your fitness regimen on track

August 04, 2018
In need of motivation to keep up with your fitness routine during the hottest days of summer?

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Community News
August 15, 2018
Whether this is your first time stationed in a new country, or you’re a PCS-ing pro, navigating the German healthcare system can be overwhelming.
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