Attend a German-American friendship festival this summer

Attend a German-American friendship festival this summer

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published: June 16, 2017

Celebrate the long-standing alliance between U.S. and Deutschland with locals and military families alike at a German-American friendship festival this summer. These events have everything we love about traditional European fests, including carnival rides, live music and family activities, along with favorite American cookout fare. Pair a delicious Deutsch beer with a cheeseburger or hot dog straight from the grill, and raise your glass to our beautiful host nation.

Find a German-American friendship festival near you …

June 29-July 4

Rides, stages and food vendors will be set up in the Hainerberg Shopping Center parking lot. Receive special discounts on Family Day, June 30, and plan to attend the fireworks extravaganza on July 4.

July 8-9, Ramstein-Miesenbach

Head to the city center to partake in live music, delicious food and activities for children and adults. Admission is free.

August 4-6, Camp Kasserine

Be one of more than 150,000 visitors expected to attend this year. Shop for handmade souvenirs and gifts from more than 100 stalls, and marvel at the large selection of Bundeswehr and U.S. Army military equipment on display.

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