Ease your kids into the transition after PCSing

by Ruth Ploeger, Army Region School Liaison Officer/Transition Support Specialist
Family and MWR CYS Services

Afraid you don’t know anyone at your new duty station? Not to worry! Child, Youth and School Services has a youth sponsorship program that supports incoming students throughout the school year and into the summer.

School liaison officers (SLOs) can assist with connecting youth to a local student in the same grade. SLOs can also help connect you to information about events and activities in the community and schools. Request a youth sponsor on the SLO webpage for your installation. Once school starts, student ambassadors are also available in most middle and high schools and some elementary schools to make your transition to the new school easier. Ask the SLO if this is available in your new location. If there isn’t a formal program in the school, don’t despair! Most guidance counselors will assist with “introductions” to a student with common interests if a request is made. Ask your SLO for help. School Liaison Officers help students make connections for a smooth transition! 

Got the PCS blues? Sometimes children may get frustrated with the fact that you had to move, or maybe they just don't feel comfortable yet no matter what you try. There are lots of people and resources ready to help your child cope with the emotional impact of the move!

  • Military Family Life Counselors (MFLCS) – provide short term confidential counseling support to military children and families.
  • ASACS Counselors - Army contracted counselors in middle and high schools. 
  • DODEA school counselors.
  • DODEA school psychologists.
  • Military OneSource has access to free nonmedical counseling that’s anonymous and available online, on the phone or in person. Twelve free sessions may occur in individual, couple, family or group settings.
  • Talk to your SLO for more information about what is available in your new community. 

For more information on helping your student PCS, visit the Europe Family and MWR's Inbound Student Handbook.

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