You want to do the best you can for your child’s development. Wouldn’t it be a relief to go to work knowing your little one will be in good hands?
(StatePoint) With the days growing shorter and the weather getting cooler, it’s easy to fall into a rut during the fall season. Here’s how the latest technology can support your efforts to keep your mind and body active in the months ahead.
Parents stationed in Europe with preschool-aged children find that their options for preschools are limited. Preschool education has many beneficial effects for young children and helps them learn many of the skills required for school readiness.
Did you know that there is a free 24-hour online tutoring service available for K-12 students, test prep, college and continuing education students? offers free services for eligible U.S. military members and their families. 
(StatePoint) Fall kick starts the financial road to college for parents of high school seniors. But if you’re like the majority of parents, you both value the importance of a college degree, while harboring anxiety about the price tag. 
(StatePoint) If you’re like many Americans, having a better understanding of money management is a priority for you right now.
Unfortunately, the sun is beginning to set on summer, which means one thing: back to school season. For those of you returning to college campuses for another year of intensive courses, there are a few things you should know.
All parents want their kids to get good grades at school. But why does being a good student matter? Most important, quality of life. People who can do enough math to handle mortgages and taxes, who understand the financial and political forces that affect their personal lives, who know something...
With the school year almost in full swing, many students will be juggling homework and a life outside of school. While there are certainly more enjoyable tasks, there is no doubt that homework needs to take priority.
In today’s American society, the number one question seniors get asked their final year of high school is some variation of, "So, what college are you going to next year?" Now, there is only one 'acceptable' answer to this question — anything other than, "I'm going to *insert college here* in the
Ask kids what their favorite school subject is and fewer and fewer will say “math” as they age. While 37 percent of 4th graders report that math is one of their favorite subjects, only 15 of 12th graders say the same, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.
Relocating to another country with children can be confusing for them. Moving to Europe offers a new atmosphere of cultural differences and surroundings. Introducing new sights or cultural concepts to kiddos through reading or games can be a fun way to mentally explore the notion of a new place.
(StatePoint) While often thought of as two completely distinct subjects, art and math are intrinsically entwined.
Your child lives in a very complicated social world. This has always been true for children: all parents can remember their own tears or rage at the cruelty of another child; all parents can remember wanting desperately to be accepted and approved of by other kids.
As fall rolls around again, lines at the Exchange are full of shoppers crossing notebooks, pencils, backpacks and new school clothes off of their lists. However, it’s not just children who return to classes at this time. Service members and spouses can also get back to the books.