Children using phone and tablets

5 tips to help unplug kids over the summer

Community News
July 16, 2018
Electronics and technology have essentially become an easy button for entertainment and communicating. I know I’m guilty.

OPSEC for you and your family

Community News
July 13, 2018
You’ve probably heard the phrases “Loose lips sink ships” and “Careless talk costs lives.” These statements were printed on posters displayed throughout the U.S.

Understand international issues with a degree from OU

July 19, 2018
Do you want a graduate education you can put instantly and daily to use? How about one that enables you to consume and understand current events and contribute to critical...

10 tips to make this the best summer ever with your kids

July 06, 2018
Why not decide now to make the most of this opportunity to connect with your kids? Here are 10 simple tips to make this summer your best summer ever with your kids.

Fun ways to prevent learning loss this summer

July 09, 2018
Learning loss is the summertime fear of every teacher. While your little ones have spent the summer months playing outside or at the local pool, chances are some learning loss has...

Experiencing high school abroad

July 14, 2018
Not too long ago I hopped on a plane to England to start my third high school as a military child.
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