Want to protect your hard-earned cash? Military discounts go a long way. Always ask retailers, restaurants, airlines, motels and other establishments, “Do you have a military discount?” Meanwhile, here are 25 other money-saving tips. Go ahead, wave your frugal flag.
In the market for yet more websites sure to provide distraction for hours on end? There are plenty of those out there. Hoping to emerge from the depths of the net with some knowledge in your pocket?
Everyone has a lot of questions about COVID-19, including children. As parents, it’s difficult to know how to share information with our kids without overwhelming or scaring them. No one wants to be an alarmist, but we also need to be honest and share real information.
Finally! Spring is here and I realize in Germany that means tons of rain and cloudy skies. However, the temperatures are rising and spring festivals are just around the corner.
There have been a lot of changes recently because of COVID-19, and it is likely that more are on the way. It can be difficult, as a parent, to know how to broach these topics with our kids.
Suddenly being thrust into homeschooling is not what parents were expecting March Madness to mean this year. And yet, here we are!
Thinking about college? You already have the discipline it takes to pursue higher education. From big universities to small colleges, you have plenty of options and each has something unique to offer.
Are you tired of long lectures delivered with PowerPoint presentations? Do you wish there was training you could do on your own time, on your mobile device, when you have a minute or two at the airport or waiting in line to place a food order?
Not too long ago I hopped on a plane to England to start my third high school as a military child. As different as I knew it would be leaving the American public-school system, I didn’t know the extent of the impact the new school would have on me.
School’s (almost) out and the kids are anxious to get outdoors – rain or shine. Sometimes the timing isn’t right for travel or a vacation. But, there are endless of inexpensive kid crafts to make right at home. Who needs a beach?
As a servicemember, the tax implications of combat pay, deployment or multiple moves can be daunting.
I grew up in a small town with several strands of trees less than 100 yards away.
The morning rush—all parents have been there. Getting the kids up, dressed, fed, washed and over to school on time can sometimes feel like a marathon. Even more so if parents themselves have to be prepared for their own day.
It’s likely been a while since you’ve heard the words “OK, class.
Running a household can be expensive, but experts say that there are new ways you can save big on needed items.
Fall in Europe is beautiful. Cool, crisp mornings, leaves turning brilliant shades of copper and burgundy, and of course, plenty of football. Not just American football, but European as well. European football (or soccer in the States) has plenty of drama and theatrics.