Community News

Stars and Stripes wants to see your tattoos! We are seeking tattoo models located in Germany for our upcoming Tattoo Armed Forces magazine. All body types, genders, and military branch or affiliation welcome and encouraged. No modeling experience needed.
If you are local to the KMC in Germany and looking for a great new place to eat, shake your tail feather down to Benji’s Birdhouse. Located next to the train stop in downtown Ramstein, this restaurant can be easily accessed by public transportation or car.
The sun is out, the days are hot and the nights are even hotter! Germany takes full advantage of all the light and warmth of the season with an events calendar bursting with activities for young and old, the sports-inclined and those who’d rather just kick back and be entertained.
For those in Germany, one of spring's favorite activities is back: culinary wine walks. This weekend, May 21 and 22, 2022, the town of Wolfstein will be hosting "Weinwanderung Wolfstein." This culinary wine walk includes food, drinks, music and enjoying the great outdoors.
In Germany, April 30 is Hexennacht or witches night, which is the “trick” part of our Halloween's trick-or-treat. Traditionally, German youth make a joke out of making things disappear and wreaking havoc on this night.
Spring continues to pick up pace throughout Germany. As the snow melts from the mountain peaks, flowers burst into glorious blossoms and the first of the crops are brought to the table, the list of fun and exciting things to do in our free time grows ever longer.
The American Battle Monuments Commission hosts a special tradition at the American cemeteries for Memorial Day. An American flag and a host-nation flag are placed in front of every headstone.
As the threat posed by COVID-19 continues to decrease and the measures in place to halt its spread are gradually lifted, we can start to rejoice over calendars of events that are looking much like those we used to enjoy without a second thought.
Dogs are often treasured members of our families. Serving as protectors, playmates, friends and loyal companions (not to mention a living Roomba in the kitchen), our furry family members have unique and special gifts. It’s no wonder canines hold high esteem within the military.
Women of the world, rise up and shine today, for March 8 is your day!
When spangled, bejeweled and gilded join poached, scrambled and over easy, it can only mean one thing—Germany’s gorgeous Easter markets are underway!
The world has responded to the outbreak of senseless war on Ukrainian soil with feelings of shock, anger and helplessness. As people and nations watch with horror as events unfold in real time, the question of how to best help the victims of this hideous act of aggression inevitably arises.
Many of those raised in accordance with Christian traditions know that Ash Wednesday marks the start of the season of repentance that’s known as Lent. It’s likely that far fewer, particularly non-Catholics, understand the origin or significance of the day.