What you need to know to stay safe at Oktoberfest

What you need to know to stay safe at Oktoberfest

by USAG Bavaria
Stripes Europe

Enjoy yourself at Oktoberfest, but be vigilant and maintain situational awareness at all times. 

Oktoberfest safety tips 

  • Use the internet and mapping functions to research destinations and the security environment. 
  • I.D. potential safe havens such as police stations. 
  • Know law enforcement and embassy phone numbers. 
  • Always have an escape plan, in the event you find yourself in a bad situation. 
  • Establish alternative methods to contact family, friends and unit personnel. 
  • Discuss security plans with your family and other travelers. 

Safety measures 

  • Backpacks and heavy bags are strictly forbidden. 
  • A bag check is performed at all entrances. 
  • No strollers/baby carriages: 
  • Every day after 6 p.m. 
  • Saturdays. 
  • German Reunification Day (Oct. 3). 
  • Access controls and luggage checks (of smaller bags) may be performed.
  • The open flank at the slopeside along Theresienhöhe is closed by means of a security fence in order to prevent avoidance of the checks. 
  • The entrance at the Theresienwiese subway stop is modified in such a manner that no guests are able to enter the festival area unchecked. 

Emergency contact information 

Polizei at Oktoberfest: 089-500-3220 

Garmisch MP station: 08821-750-3801 

Vilseck MP station: 09662-83-3398/3397 

USAG Bavaria Installation Operations Center: 09641-70-526-3025 

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