Ways to creatively celebrate Halloween in a pandemic

Ways to creatively celebrate Halloween in a pandemic

by Stacy Roman
Stripes Europe

By now, the news of trick-or-treating cancellations at installations throughout Europe (and beyond) have rippled through the military communities much to the dismay of hopeful ghouls and goblins. While it feels as though the coronavirus pandemic has taken yet another holiday from us, don’t hang up those costumes or treat buckets just yet. Grab your carving tools, creepy soundtrack and get into the spirit with some ways to creatively celebrate Halloween.


Go on a pumpkin or best decorated yard hunt. In areas such where trick-or-treating door-to-door has been prohibited, why not grab the candy you’ve gathered and take your little ones on a pumpkin hunt around the neighborhood? Whenever you spot a jack-o-lantern, pop some candy in the kiddos’ buckets. Likewise, stroll through the neighborhood and try to find the best or most festively decorated house.

Halloween hunt around the house. Take a cue from the Easter holiday and create a candy hunt around your house or in the backyard. You can even repurpose the plastic eggs and fill them with goodies.

“Boo” your neighbors. Take all the candy you’ve stocked up on and create treat bags for your neighbors. It helps spread a little Halloween cheer and you can rapidly deplete your candy supply in one fail swoop.

Take it out on a piñata. While they may be a little difficult to find locally, letting your kids take a whack at piñata is fun and can help relieve a bit of pent-up frustration. Fill it up with Halloween candy, hang it outside and go to town.


If your installation is allowing door-to-door trick-or-treating, there are probably some limitations. Ensuring physical distancing can prove challenging when handing out candy but is possible with a few modifications.

Makeshift candy slide or catapult. With a simple sheet, you can create a candy shoot from a window or door. Using a PVC pipe or even a Matchbox car racing slide can also be done. Or, try a physics lesson, build a makeshift catapult and see how many treats actually land in the buckets. However, it could get a little messy with missed throws.

Create a candy graveyard. Attach individually wrapped treats to popsicle sticks or straws. Place them in strategic locations in your front yard and let the little ones pick their treat. Get into the spirit and create cardboard headstones or drape spiderwebs throughout the grass.

Leave a bowl or two out on a table. Popular even during non-pandemic times, you can always opt to leave a bowl or two of treats out front. If you’re worried about kids dumping the entire bowl into their bucket, you can always place treats in bags and place them on a table. It may be nice to leave a little hand sanitizer out front, just in case.

Although it looks and feels different this year, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate and get into the Halloween spirit.

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