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For those in Germany, one of spring's favorite activities is back: culinary wine walks. This weekend, May 21 and 22, 2022, the town of Wolfstein will be hosting "Weinwanderung Wolfstein." This culinary wine walk includes food, drinks, music and enjoying the great outdoors.
In Germany, April 30 is Hexennacht or witches night, which is the “trick” part of our Halloween's trick-or-treat. Traditionally, German youth make a joke out of making things disappear and wreaking havoc on this night.
Spring continues to pick up pace throughout Germany. As the snow melts from the mountain peaks, flowers burst into glorious blossoms and the first of the crops are brought to the table, the list of fun and exciting things to do in our free time grows ever longer.
The American Battle Monuments Commission hosts a special tradition at the American cemeteries for Memorial Day. An American flag and a host-nation flag are placed in front of every headstone.
As the days grow longer and the warming power of the sun coaxes growing things to burst into bud, it’s only natural to want to get outside and experience nature’s greatest show first-hand. Leaves of green and vibrant pastel blooms delight the eyes.
AFN Go, the new streaming audio service of the American Forces Network is now available. The service delivers the best AFN music, news, talk radio programming and local information to internet-connected computers or to Apple or Android mobile devices via the AFN Go application.
As chances for a social life outside our own four walls continue to expand, we can rejoice over an ever-growing number of festivals gathered around an activity all ages can enjoy: feasting on tasty street foods, gourmet products or seasonal specialties.
Spring has sprung, and with the nicer weather comes more hopeful times. While it’s still too soon to declare things back to normal, a steadily growing list of planned events is just as welcome as flowers after the rain.
High school graduation is a special time, and Stars and Stripes is pleased to be putting together our annual Grad Tab once again. We'll be highlighting information on all of the DoDEA Europe high schools and their graduating classes.
Longing for those longer and sunnier days? Get ready to spring forward and set your clocks one hour ahead on Sunday, March 27 during daylight saving time. Though chilly weather still lingers in the air, we’re one step closer to spring weather!
Of the many professions that exude a certain air of mystery, that of the detective inspires endless amounts of imagination. From TV series to novels to board games, our favorite investigators solve the most baffling of cases through the most esoteric of clues.
With smoke and gun powder hanging in the air, our founding fathers designed an avant-garde, three-branch government system to be lead by an elected citizen in the wake of the Revolutionary War.
With chocolates and pre-packaged cartoon cards filling the shelves of local exchanges and commissaries, it’s hard to miss the signs that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. Here are 10 fun facts about this Hallmark holiday of love.
Got an axe to grind with your partner? There is a way to take out your aggression without anybody getting hurt.
As a walker passes through any number of Wiesbaden’s pleasant neighborhoods, he or she might well hear a raucous chatter emanating from above and spot vivid flashes of green amongst the branches.
The XXIV Olympic Winter Games are set to play out Feb. 4 to 20 in and around Beijing, China. Amongst the 223-person U.S. Olympic roster announced on Jan. 4, four individuals will be representing not only Team USA, but also the U.S. military.