Spread some random acts of kindness

Spread some random acts of kindness

by Elizabeth Jones
Stripes Europe

Christmas is the time of year when everyone is in high spirits, planning gifts for loved ones, pondering on the reason for the season and attending various holiday parties. Make this Christmas season even more special by spreading kindness across your community! Try these 12 random acts of Christmas kindness to get you started:


Volunteering with various clubs in your community, church, kid’s school or work is not only a wonderful act of kindness but also a great way to get involved and meet new people. See what holiday events are coming up that you can be a part of!

Bake Christmas cookies

Make some sweet treats for neighbors, teachers, coaches, family, friends or even strangers! Think about the people who may need a pick-me-up this holiday season such as families of deployed military members or single soldiers and airmen far from home.

Pay it forward: Buy someone’s coffee

Many of us need caffeine to get us through the day. Simply say you’ll buy the next person’s order behind you and watch their face instantly light up. A “pay-it-forward” chain reaction may start because of your initial act of kindness.

Find opportunities to give compliments

This free and easy act of kindness goes a long way. A small compliment on someone’s hairstyle, outfit, shoes or smile can make their entire day. It may even encourage them to give a compliment to someone else, and just like that, kindness is spreading like wildfire.

Write a positive review for a book, product or restaurant you enjoyed

When you find something you love, share it with the world! It benefits the author, company and other customers so everybody wins! After submitting your review, gift these products to people you love for Christmas.

Get to know someone new

Whether someone recently moved to your duty station or there’s someone you’ve been meaning to get to know better, there is no time like the present to form new friendships. During this time of year, take them out for one-of-a-kind experiences such as Christmas markets, day trips to picturesque towns, hikes through the snow or simply meet up for a warm cup of coffee.

Post positive notes in unexpected places

Placing encouraging sticky notes throughout your house, community center, library or workplace can brighten someone’s day. Encouraging sayings such as, “you’re beautiful,” “you’ve got this,” “make today a great day,” “remember to smile,” and anything else that resembles positivity will give someone the motivation they need to conquer the day.

Donate clothes and goods

The saying, “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure,” could not be truer. Instead of saving things you think you’ll need in a decade, consider donating your belongings to someone who needs it now. Great places to donate your items include local thrift shops, Airman’s Attic and the Chaplain’s Closet.

Say, “thank you,” to the people who make a difference

Let those you make an impact on your community and life know how thankful you are for them. A Christmas-decorated thank you card with a festive candy cane attached is an easy, yet impactful, way to let them know how much you appreciate them.

Donate to the Angel Tree program

The Angel Tree program provides holiday financial assistance to joint military families and their children. Angel Trees are covered in tags with recommended donation amounts. These trees are dispersed throughout many military bases overseas at community centers, commissaries, Exchange and other places. You never know how your donation will impact the lives of military families and their kids.

Hand out warm attire to the homeless

We all know how cold it can get this time of year. To imagine what it would be like without the proper winter attire is hard to think about. Go out and buy inexpensive gloves, mittens, scarves or hats, and hand them out to the homeless. They’ll surely appreciate your thoughts and kindness.

Be kind to yourself

With the New Year approaching, it’s easy to focus on New Year's Resolutions and the things you want to improve on. Although bettering yourself is something everyone should strive for, focus on the great qualities you already have. Take time to write down at least one thing each day that you love about yourself and what you’re grateful for.

While this time of year is meant for giving back to others, there’s no rule that acts of kindness can’t be done year-round. Start with these 12 random acts of kindness this holiday season and see how much happiness it brings into your life as well! 

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