Splurge on name brands at Outletcity Metzingen

Splurge on name brands at Outletcity Metzingen

by Julia Cahill
Stripes Europe

Splurging on name brands has never felt so good – especially because everything is always on sale. Outletcity Metzingen is a savvy shoppers dream, with big-ticket items regularly going for a fraction of their sticker price and VAT-free shopping being made hassle free. More than 3.5 million travelers from every corner of the globe make the trek to Outletcity Metzingen every year to snatch the near impossible deals presented on a regular basis.

A mere 35 kilometers from Stuttgart, the town of Metzingen is exactly what you’d think and more. There is childcare available for those who need it, free Wi-Fi Outletcity-wide, and restaurants boasting a variety of cuisines for when you’ve truly shopped ‘till you’ve dropped. More than 70 of the most popular brand name stores are represented, all constantly offering discounts and promotions. The home of Hugo Boss has blossomed into the premiere destination for high fashion label shopping in Europe.

The town itself offers even more than just a large conglomeration of international stores and brands. For those who aren’t retail focused, Metzingen also offers excursions and guided tours through its idyllic pastoral surroundings. Its rich Schwabian history steeped in wine and agriculture is worth exploring. The town has been making wine on the historic Seven Wine Presses since the 11th century and is known for unique fruit cultivation techniques developed in the middle ages.

If wine, fruit and shopping aren’t your speed, Metzingen also boasts adjacency to two hot springs and three geographical formations. Metzingen is nestled near the Schwabian Alb, a UNESCO biosphere area that is renowned for its purity and beauty. Metzingen truly has something for everyone. 

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