Snowy weather is making its rounds throughout Germany

by Mary Del Rosario
Stripes Europe

Though the days of singing holiday tunes are over, in Germany, the weather truly is frightful as an abundance of snowfall has hit southern parts of the country such as Bavaria and its towns Berchtesgaden, Kaufbeuren, Jachenau, Miesbach and the Black Forest to name a few. Massive mounds of white, cold snow caused closed roads, trains to not run, abandoned cars covered in snow, closed stores and even avalanches, especially in neighboring Austria. According to the German Weather Service, a snow storm is brewing from tomorrow until the middle of next week, with Friday being the heaviest day, especially in the Alpine area.

Though the south is getting hit hard, other parts of Germany will also be expecting rain, snow or even a wintry mix. For those in Southern Germany, be sure to stay safe, warm and stock up on food and water! As for the rest of us, tell your kiddos to do the “snow dance” and hope for a snow day, or at least, a delay!  

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