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What better way to put a smile on our deployed servicemembers' faces than by writing them a letter? With our Pen Pal Program, your kiddos can do just that.
With the onset of COVID- 19, TRIBE (a non-profit that works to bring the tools of yoga to the military community) began offering free yoga movement classes, guided meditations, breathwork, and self-care talks on their Facebook Page.
Longing for those longer and (hopefully) sunnier days? Get ready to spring forward and set your clocks one hour ahead on Sunday, March 28 during daylight saving time. Though chilly weather still lingers in the air, we’re one step closer to spring weather!
Need a pick-me-up? Read this heartwarming, feel-good story submitted by one of our readers: 
MADISON, WI, March 15, 2021 — Infosec today announced $120,000 in new cybersecurity education scholarship opportunities to help veterans, students and underrepresented groups in security launch and advance their careers.
Dogs are often treasured members of our families. Serving as protectors, playmates, friends and loyal companions (not to mention a living Roomba in the kitchen), our furry family members have unique and special gifts. It’s no wonder canines hold high esteem within the military.
In times when normalcy has been thoroughly upended, it’s good to hold on to some of the old traditions. That’s particularly the case when they’re indicative of brighter days to come.
Women of the world, rise up and shine today, for March 8 is your day!
The American Forces Network (AFN) is airing Super Bowl LV live on television and radio and encouraging fans to share reactions and thoughts on social media.
Trenton, New Jersey (Jan 28, 2021) –  Today, the Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs (AMSE) released its annual Impact Report.
February 2 is Groundhog Day back home in the States. On the day, a furry mammal will shake off its deep winter sleep long enough to emerge from its burrow.
I was working in the shipyard and had just turned 17. My girlfriend and I went to see "Jumping Jacks," a movie starring Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. It was all about the fun and adventure of being a Paratrooper.
AFN|news is airing continuous coverage of the inauguration of Joseph R. Biden, Jr. as the 46th president of the United States, beginning Wednesday.
Live coverage begins with NBC’s Today Jan. 20 at 1 p.m. Central Europe Time (CET) 9 p.m. Japan Korea Time (JKT). 
My father served in the Marine Corps during World War II. He served in the Pacific on the staff of FMF Pac, first at Pearl Harbor and later at Noumea, New Caledonia