Show off your writing skills on Stripes Europe

Show off your writing skills on Stripes Europe

by: Elizabeth Jones | .
Stripes Europe | .
published: February 13, 2018

Do you love to write? Looking to gain experience writing for one of the most respected U.S. military media organizations? Needing more content for your portfolio? Seeking a place to share your passion for writing with a large audience? Look no further! We are seeking volunteers to write for our online Stripes Europe community site over any of the following topics:

Community News: Upcoming on- and off-base events (concerts, markets and fests) or organizational news (blood drives, food drives or awards). Or, articles over people who make a difference in our communities to include teachers, students, volunteers and key spouses.

Travel: Anywhere in Europe to include touristy spots, hidden gems, or exciting trips that led you off-the-beaten path.

Food & Drink: Food tours, wine tasting, cooking classes or restaurant reviews for anywhere in Europe and hosting gatherings at home (seasonal BBQs and holiday meals).

Education: DODEA, host-nation schooling, home schooling, adult education or fun, educational activities for kids.

PCS: Tips for transitioning and living overseas, getting connected and PCSing from Europe.

Lifestyle: Fitness, parenting and coping with deployment.

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer writer for Stripes Europe please send a few writing samples or a link of your work to We always encourage new article ideas as well! Feel free to pitch your ideas our way. We look forward to hearing from you!

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