Two teddy bears with the words “Septmeber Events”

Two teddy bears with the words “Septmeber Events” (Graphic created by Tamala Malerk)

The weather is starting to turn a little cooler, but it maintains that beautiful sunlight. Enjoy this wonderful weather with markets, festivals, races and more. Always check with an event’s website before traveling.

Berlin Beer Week, Berlin, Sept. 1-10: All across Berlin, celebrate craft beer with cruises, festivals and BBQ. The first of the cruises takes off Sept. 2 and 3 with beer tastings on the water. There is a “uniquely brewed beer” festival as well as a “beer, bourbon and BBQ” festival.

The Teddybär Welt (Teddy Bear World), Wiesbaden, Sept. 2-3: Come here for two days of stuffed animal fun for the entire family. Toy innovations from the Nuremberg Toy Fair are present along with exhibitors from all over the world. Get your favorite teddy bear fixed by the teddy bear doctor. See antique teddies and more.

Camper Camp, Hamelin, Sept. 8-9: Have you ever thought about starting a travel blog? How about living in an RV or tiny home and influencing others? Camper Camp is a two-day convention all about learning the latest camping techniques and utilizing social media, video recording and photography to tell your story.

Dürkheim Sausage Market, Bad Dürkheim, Sept. 8-12 and 15-18: Make your way to the world’s LARGEST wine festival. Drink some wine, eat sausage, go to a concert, get on rides and so much more. Check out our “Day at Bad Dürkheim” article for more to do while you’re in town for the market.

Tattoo Convention Fulda 23, Künzell, Sept. 9-10: Get tattooed by one of 50 international tattoo artists. If you aren’t looking for more ink, you can also shop from various vendors, view art and get a new piercing.

Kessel Cup, Grimmen, Sept. 9-10: “Fahrer, starten Sie Ihre Motoren!” (Drivers, start your engines)! Spend the weekend watching stock car races, going to the after-race party and seeing who wins the Kessel Cup and the caravan annihilation races.

WeinYOGA, Cologne, Sept. 22: Can you keep hold of your wine glass as you do your vinyasa flow? The goal is to put the wine glass down as little as possible. The vinyasa flow is designed in a way so students feel as if they are almost dancing while they do yoga.

13th Berchtesgaden Land Hiking Festival, Berchtesgaden, Sept. 22-24: Whether you’re a casual mountain hiker or a sports extremist, this is a festival for you. There are 12-hour and 24-hour options so you can push yourself to your limit. You can scour the mountains or do a moonlit hike.

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