See nature's fireworks with the Delta Aquariids meteor showers, July 27-30

See nature's fireworks with the Delta Aquariids meteor showers, July 27-30

by Kristi Adams
Stripes Europe

Summertime skies are well-known for fireworks and fireflies – but don’t forget the meteor showers!

Mother Nature’s next show is the Delta Aquariids shower, visible from mid-July to mid August. Peak activity is expected on July 28 or 29, where the maximum rate of meteors shooting through the sky reaches 15-20 per hour.

Meteors are caused by streams of cosmic debris – called meteoroids that enter Earth’s atmosphere at extremely high speeds. Although a rare few will make it through the atmosphere and strike Earth’s surface, most burn to disintegration – causing a brilliant streak of light in the dark skies.

Unlike many meteor showers, the Delta Aquariids lack a definite peak, so it’s still possible to see a few stragglers into early August. An hour or two before dawn usually presents the most favorable view.

If you find happen to find yourself on a cloudy night but still want to see the showers, head over to NASA’s ‘Watch the Skies’ blog to see the meteors in action. 

Don’t forget to make a wish if you see one shoot by!

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