Recall alert: Check your eggs

Recall alert: Check your eggs

by: Elizabeth Jones | .
Stripes Europe | .
published: August 04, 2017

I like my eggs scrambled, sunny-side up or hard-boiled. What I don’t like are my eggs served with a side of fipronil, a poisonous insecticide. Fipronil is banned from being used on animals destined for human consumption - such as, chickens.

Unfortunately, eggs from the Netherlands have been contaminated with high levels of fipronil and have made their way into German supermarkets. Millions of eggs are now being recalled throughout Germany. According to the National Pesticide Information Center, if consumed, fipronil side effects include: nausea, vomiting, headache, stomach aches and pains, sweating, dizziness, weakness and can lead to having seizures.

Supermarkets throughout Germany are scrambling to reassure fearful customers that they are handling the situation. Kaufland, Lidl, Aldi, Rewe, Penny and Edeka have removed eggs from their shelves and are monitoring this egg fiasco closely.

The following stamp numbers on eggs purchased after July 22 should not be consumed:
0-DE-0360521, 1-DE-0357731, 1-DE-0358001, 0-NL-4392501, 0-NL-4385501, 0-NL-4310001, 0-NL-4170101, 0-NL-4031001, 0-NL-4352602, 1-NL-4128604, 1-NL-4286001, 1-NL-4167902, 1-NL-4331901, 1-NL-4339301, 1-NL-4339912, 1-NL-4359801, 1-NL-4385701, 1-NL-4322401, 2-NL-4332601, 2-NL-4332602, 2-NL-4385702, 2-NL-4322402, 2-NL-4212103. 

If you have bought eggs with any of the contaminated stamp numbers, either dispose of them or take them back to the store you purchased them from to potentially be reimbursed. It is still not confirmed whether or not products that contain eggs as an ingredient are going to also be recalled. Contaminated eggs have reached Switzerland, Netherlands, Poland, Belgium and Slovakia due to recent reports. The Ramstein Air Base commissary has confirmed their eggs have not been contaminated. Please continue to check for the latest updates and warnings on this situation.

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