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Have no fear of running into fakes any longer! US Love Wiesbaden offers a unique and discreet dating platform which is free of scammers! 
How it works
As a club member, you can actively view dating profiles of other approved members and vice versa. You will be able to send someone an icon to show you are interested in them and if the interest is mutual, matchmaker Jess is automatically cc’d and will contact you both. You are of course the one who decides for or against a match!  Enjoy another unique feature of the club and view short introduction videos of other approved members to get a more realistic idea of the person you may want to be matched with. The intro clips are optional and offered if provided by the member. 
To become an approved club member, there is no membership fee to be admitted to the club. To become a verified member and to be able to meet your match in person, however, you will be asked to do a brief and easy five-minute video verification call with matchmaker Jess. The video verification call is offered in Skype, WhatsApp, Facetime, Facebook messenger or google hangouts and can easily be done during your lunch break, at home, in the gym or anywhere really! It helps avoid fake profiles and fake photos. Submit your information from the registration and let us complete your free dating profile for the club. As soon as you are approved, you will be provided a login key to access the club and view profiles. Profiles which have the approved status still require the video verification call prior to a first match; profiles which have the verified status have already been confirmed as a real person and can start dating right away.
Pre-register now
To pre-register without any obligation and to save 25 percent, please complete the pre-registration form on the US Love Wiesbaden homepage The regular fee per match will be 69 euros but if you pre-register now, you'll only spend some 50 euros for your first verified club match and possibly find the one you were looking for right away! You will also be notified when the US Love Wiesbaden member club goes live in a few weeks. No advance payment required with the pre-registration or the membership itself. You only pay for the match and only if you both approve the match!
What's stopping you? Find your perfect match now with US Love Wiesbaden!


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