Flash in Brussels

Flash in Brussels (Janine Rodriguez)

Meet Flash, the smiling star of our September pet travel photo of the month.

In 2020, Flash was adopted by his family in Puerto Rico. He is obviously a well-traveled pup.

In the photo, Flash is sitting on the L’Oreille Tourbillonnante fountain. It was created by American artist Alexander Calder for the 1958 Universal Exhibition in Brussels, and was originally called “Whirling Ear.”

Flash seems very happy to be enjoying the fountain which sits in a square surrounded by Brussels’ art museums. Like many dogs who visit Brussels, Flash’s favorite thing to do in the city was to eat waffles!

At home, food is also a high priority for Flash, who loves to be around his sister and eat their food.

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Flash in Brussels

Flash in Brussels (Janine Rodriguez)

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