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by Paws Abroad
Paws Abroad

The role of being a pet parent can be extremely challenging for an active duty military member, especially when stationed overseas. The non-profit, private organization of Paws Abroad exists to help offset some of the stress that may arise for military pet parents and their fur-kids. 

Before Paws Abroad, military members had no choice but to find someone to watch their pet or pay to board them for the duration of their TDY or deployment. This posed a significant challenge for many reasons. Many times the member was new to the location and did not know of anyone they could trust to take care of their pet for such a long time. If the pet needed to be boarded, significant charges came from a six-month to one year time period for deployments. The quality of a pet’s life is significantly affected when boarded for long time frames as well. It can be a stressful environment filled with strange people and barking animals for weeks on end. The situation can be hard on a pet to transition from a quiet home to a boarding facility. This is where Paws Abroad comes in. 

Paws Abroad started in 2014 when an active duty military member wanted to create a better life for pets of military members. The organization specializes in assisting military members in finding temporary homes for their pets when they are called away for military duty. Paws Abroad has developed a wide network of volunteer foster homes. These volunteer fosters have opened their homes to the pets of military members who need to go on a TDY or deployment. This not only allows for better peace of mind for the pet parent but also allows the pet to stay in a home environment instead of a boarding facility. We encourage the fosters to communicate regularly with the military member while they are away, sending photo and video updates to ensure that their fur-kid is happy and healthy in their absence. 

Paws Abroad currently provides foster services in Germany around the Kaiserslautern, Spangdahlem and Baumholder areas. The organization hopes to one day be able to expand throughout Europe near all military overseas locations. In order to accomplish this goal, Paws Abroad need more volunteers and fosters. To sign up to volunteer or foster, you can go to the Paws Abroad website at

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