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Regent Street Motor Show
Nov. 2 in London, United Kingdom
Ask anyone stationed overseas which fast-food chain they miss most, and you’re likely to wind up with an almost unanimous, “Chick-Fil-A.” The delectable fried chicken sandwich and waffles fries are so popular, people are known to sneak the delicious contraband back into Europe with them.
For the ultimate haunted house, many Halloween enthusiasts find themselves at the Frankenstein Castle Halloween party in Pfungstadt, which promises to make your blood run cold while adrenaline courses through your body as you are scared senseles
It really was a purple pie in the sky dream for U.S. based USAerospace Associates to have WOW Air's fuschia planes back in the air by the end of the month.
Children running around decked out head to toe in elaborate costumes, desperately trying to collect the most possible candy before mom and dad take them home, is one of the many highlights of an American Halloween.
With leaves rapidly changing to vibrant colors and chilly brisk mornings, autumn has arrived in Germany. What better way to celebrate the changing of seasons than with a festival! Held twice a year, the Lauterer Kerwe in downtown Kaiserslautern opens Oct. 18 and will run through Oct. 28.
Fest season is every season in Germany — Christmas, wine and a variety of harvested produce are celebrated throughout the year. Among these annual festivities is the "Kerwe" (the “w” is pronounced like a “v”) or "Kirmes."
For American football fans living in Europe, we’re afforded four opportunities a year to try and catch our favorite teams. This year’s matchups include the Chicago Bears v. Oakland Raiders (Oct. 6), the Carolina Panthers v.
KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany - U.S. Army Garrison Rheinland-Pfalz will hold the 13th annual College Night Sept. 25 at the Special Events Center on Rhine Ordnance Barracks.
After experiencing sold-out shows and crowds last year, the debauchery, ornate costumes, pulse-pounding beats and, of course, glittery confetti are back for 2019. The ever-popular Festival of the Dead begins making its way across the U.K. starting Saturday, Sept. 28 in Coventry.
Just in time for Oktoberfest, a German court ruled hangovers are an ‘illness.’ Frankfurt judges made the decision in a case involving products that claim to cure hangovers like drink powders and hangover shots.
In the wee hours of Monday morning, UK travel firm Thomas Cook announced on Twitter the company had gone under, canceling all flights and leaving 600,000 travelers around the world potentially stranded with few options.
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Have you been looking for a massive EDM (electronic dance music) concert to attend? Look no further!