Game of Thrones live musical concerts coming to Europe

Game of Thrones live musical concerts coming to Europe

by: Kristi Adams | .
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published: January 12, 2018

I'll freely admit it; I still get goosebumps every time I hear the first notes play from HBO's hit series, "Game of Thrones". In addition to just plain fantastic storytelling, there is much to be said about the orchestral sets used in the series. 

As the scenes build upon each other and tensions ratchet up with each episode, so does the music.

We may have to wait until 2019 for Season Eight, but in the meantime it's the perfect opportunity to catch one of the "Game of Thrones" orchestral performances playing across Europe this summer. Sets and music are performed via live orchestras, and the experience will be truly magical. 

My husband and I attended a similar-style concert in Düsseldorf for the video game "Zelda" performed by the Tuscany Symphony Orchestra - and it was truly a magical evening. Additionally, we were lucky to snag tickets a few weeks ahead of time, as the concert hall was fully booked the night of the event, with tickets completely sold out.

The first concert begins May 8th, but if this sounds like an opportunity you won't want to miss - book tickets now

I'm not sure who will end up with Westeros once the Night King, Khaleesi, Jon Snow, the Lannisters' and Greyjoys' duke it out, but I bet the music is going to be epic!

To learn more about the Game of Thrones, check out this cool history about George R.R. Martin's vision in creating it. 

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