Fest alert: Celebrate Viez in Merzig

Fest alert: Celebrate Viez in Merzig

by Karen Bradbury
Stripes Europe

When it comes to Volksfests this fall season, beer and wine have left us in the lurch. Where barley and grapes have failed us, apples are stepping in to save the day.

The small city of Merzig in Saarland is surrounded by orchards bearing a type of apple that’s just right for the local tipple, a drink known as Viez. The fizzy drink is closer in taste and style to Frankfurt’s apple wine than the ciders of England and Ireland. It can be served hot or cold, in its pure form or sweetened with a touch of honey.

In a year mostly dry of fests, this shindig bravely bobs its head up on Oct. 2. Festgoers can enjoy sampling Viez or fruit brandies from a number of different producers in the downtown square, indulging in tasty regional fare and rocking to the sounds of local bands, who will be playing across four stages.

The Merziger Viezfest kicks off at 10:30 a. m. For details, and to double-check for last-minute cancellations (always advisable in this day and age), see https://www.merzig.de/en/tourismus-kultur/merzig-tischt-auf/merziger-viezfest/



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