For an evening of culture, try Shakespeare by a castle

by Karen Bradbury
Stripes Europe
On warm summer nights, some of Europe’s finest outdoor landmarks take on new roles as the backdrops to cultural entertainment in the form of concerts, ballet or opera performances or plays. While listening to a symphony underneath a starry sky poses no language barrier, dialogue-heavy performances can leave even those with a passable grasp of the local language shrugging their shoulders. The obvious workaround to this dilemma is to seek out performances in English, and luckily, The American Drama Group Europe is here to help. Formed by Ohio native Grantly Marshall in 1978 in Munich, the group strives to bring high-quality theater to as many countries as possible.
Each year from June to September, the group’s Castle Tour Europe brings performances of the works of William Shakespeare to spectacular settings from Norway to Netherlands for just one or two-day runs. The two plays they will perform in the summer of 2018 are Julius Caesar and Macbeth.
The cost of entry tickets fluctuates according to the venue. Adult tickets to performances generally cost around $30 and up; children and students might pay roughly half that. At some venues, tickets are sold at the door on the night of the performance. To see Julius Caesar in Germany this summer, you have the following choices:
Schloss Fasanerie, near Fulda, June 11; Kronberg Castle, northwest of Frankfurt, June 12; Laubach Castle, east of Giessen, June 13; Ammelshain Castle, near Leipzig, June 14; Friedrichsruh Castle, near Hamburg, June 15; Wallhausen, northwest of Bad Kreuznach, June 18; Weissenstein Castle, south of Bamberg, June 19; Zeil Castle, southwest of Memmingen, June 21; Steppberg Castle, west of Ingolstadt, June 23; Hohenzollern Castle, south of Tuebingen, June 26; Trausnitz Castle, in Landshut, June 27; Burghausen Castle, north of Salzburg, June 28; Dennenlohe Castle, south of Ansbach, July 1; Faber-Castell, near Nuremberg, July 2; Ebnet Castle, near Freiburg, July 3; Amerang Castle, north of Prien am Chiemsee, July 4; Fuggerhaus in Augsburg, July 5; Hohenschwangau Castle, near Fuessen, July 6; Heidelberg Castle, July 9; Mainau Castle, near Konstanz, July 12; Sigmarungen Castle, southeast of Albstadt, July 13; Brunnenhof der Residenz in Munich July 16; or the Wuerzburg Residenz July 17.
Other countries in which Julius Caesar will be performed include Switzerland (Lenzburg Castle, June 5-6; Chillon Castle, June 7; Prangins Castle, June 8-9; Oberhofen Castle, June 20); Luxembourg (Bourglinster Chateau, June 25) Austria (Anif Castle, June 29) and The United Kingdom (Peel Castle, July 20-21; Rushen Abbey, July 22; Castle Cornet, Guernsey, July 24-25; Mont Orgueil Castle in Jersey, July 26-27).
One of the group’s performances of Macbeth takes place fairly close to a U.S. military community, Idar-Oberstein, on Aug. 27. Otherwise, you’ll need to travel to central or northern Germany, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway or Sweden to see it.

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