Enjoy Frankfurt's apple wine festival Aug.12-21

Apple, glass of apple juice and bembel
Apple, glass of apple juice and bembel

Enjoy Frankfurt's apple wine festival Aug.12-21

by Kristi Adams
Stripes Europe

The citizens of Frankfurt, Germany know there’s more than one way to make delicious wine; use apples. And they’ve been celebrating their famed apple wine (Apfelwein) since they started its large-scale manufacture in the 16th century.

Apple wine has played an important role in Frankfurt’s culture for hundreds of years. During the 16th century, vine diseases were ravaging grape production – leaving Frankfurt’s numerous vineyards with precious few viable grapes for harvesting. Vintners were forced to look for alternatives – and thus, the first large-scale production apple wines were created.

Locals and visitors now come together every August to celebrate the city's historic (and innovative) beverage with the Apple Wine Festival.

This year’s festival will be held August 12-21. Visitors can expect several varieties of apple wines for sampling from vintners, along with traditional music, and lots of delicious foods. Apple wine pairs perfectly with sauerkraut and hearty sausages and of course Handkäs mit Musik – a traditional German dish consisting of aromatic cheese simmered in cider and served with onions, all of which will be available for purchase at the festival.

Pottery lovers are also in for a treat, as Apfelwein is traditionally served from gorgeous blue-gray ceramic pitchers called bembel and drunk from a glass etched with a diamond pattern. A plethora of apple wine pitchers and glasses will be sold throughout the festival – giving shoppers a prime opportunity to snag authentic German souvenirs.

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