Editor’s Picks: June Events

by Karen Bradbury
Stripes Europe

Castle Illuminations

June 1 in Heidelberg

As evening falls, the castle ruins are bathed in a fluttering red light and fireworks remind us of how French troops set it alight in 1689.

Rose Days

June 1-2 in Eltville

A medieval town by the Rhine is the backdrop for a fest offering handicrafts, live acts on stage, fun activities for kids and a rose market.


June 6-17 in Erlangen

Tasty treats, games of chance, many rides and rivers of beer await visitors to this traditional Bavarian volksfest set on a wooded hillside.

BigCityBeats- World Club Dome

June 7-9 in Frankfurt am Main

The Commerzbank Arena becomes a vast club for techno music as live acts and DJs provide the soundtrack to the theme of “Space Edition.”





Kuchen und Brunnenfest

June 7-10 in Schwäbisch Hall

This historical fest recalls the days of salt mining with a medieval crafts market, costumed characters and a reenactment of the burning of a mill.

The Master Draught

June 7-10 in Rothenburg ob der Tauber

A historical play takes us back to 1631, while the city is done up to resemble how it would have looked at the time of the Thirty Years’ War.

Franconian Beer Festival

June 19-23 in Nuremberg

40 local breweries serve more than 100 delicious types of beer in a castle moat as bands play and local restaurants serve tasty treats.


June 28-July 2 in Idar-Oberstein

This festival, which takes its name from a local grilled meat specialty, offers tasty treats, thrilling rides and a slew of musical acts on stage.

Plan ahead

Meeting of the Bards

July 26-28 in Nuremberg

The biggest free music event in all Germany is a singer-songwriter festival which attracts an average of 200,000 listeners annually. The official program of 90 concerts takes place across nine stages, including one next to the beautiful Frauenkirche. Hundreds of street musicians also play in the squares.

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