CON together: Pop culture events and conventions, March 2023

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CON together: Pop culture events and conventions, March 2023

by Tamala Malerk
Stripes Europe

Moving to Germany has been a wonderful and exciting experience. However, it seemed like there were no conventions or events to revel in the fandom with fellow lovers of movies, anime, comic books and other popular culture. Apparently, I was wrong. If you are looking for a way to participate in some revelry post-Fasching, we’ve got you covered.


Berlin Film Exchange 2023: Berlin | Mar. 5 | Shop and marvel at popular, coveted and rare souvenirs, movies, DVDs and more at “Germany's largest film collectors' exchange.”  

HeinzCon:  Cologne | Mar. 11-12 | Enjoy games, discussions and learn about LARPing for kids.

German Vikings Con: Dortmund | Mar. 18 | Are you a Viking, seer, royalty or shield maiden? Rock your best cosplay and meet the actors from the famous show.

German Salvatore Brothers Con: Dortmund | Mar. 19 | Meet Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder who played the famed Salvatore brothers.

Lennie Con: Hohenlimburg Library | Mar. 25 | Wear your best cosplay at this “little cosplay and fantasy literature convention.”

Proud Nerd Convention: Trier | Mar. 25-26 | All weekend long, celebrate your nerd status at this con with cosplaying and special guests.

World of Thoughts Con VI: Homburg | Mar. 25-26 | Play your favorite board or card games or find a new one at this two-day convention.

Table Top Thursdays: Ramstein Enlisted Club | Every Thursday


Due to ever-changing regulations, make sure you check the website before traveling for an event. Also, inclusion of an event on the list is not an endorsement for the authenticity or quality of the event.

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