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Greetings from the North Pole! Stars and Stripes Europe is helping children get their letters to Santa. If you’re stationed in Europe, drop your child’s letter addressed to “Santa Claus, c/o Stars and Stripes, North Pole” into any U.S.
What better way to put a smile on our deployed servicemembers' faces than by writing them a letter? With our Pen Pal Program, your kiddos can do just that.
The skies have grown a little darker for fans of budget flights living within the greater Frankfurt area.
With Christmas over, it's time to pitch your tree. However, you can't simply throw it in the black bag or brown recycling bin.
It's time to start your last-minute shopping on the local economy. Stores and public offices will be closed Dec. 24- to 26. In Germany, the Christmas holiday is celebrated over a span of three days. Festivities begin on Christmas Eve, or Heiligabend, and continue Dec.
Christmas is the time of year when everyone is in high spirits, planning gifts for loved ones, pondering on the reason for the season and attending various holiday parties. Make this Christmas season even more special by spreading kindness across your community!
Craving a slice of fresh, hot American-style pizza? Or are you looking for a quick and tasty dinner? Whatever the reason may be for hunting down a pie, make your way to the newest location of Hunt Brothers Pizza.
Are you willing to venture underground to find that perfect holiday gift?
Love to document your travels by capturing beautiful Instagram-worthy photos?
Growing up, one of our family’s favorite Christmas traditions was a White Elephant gift exchange. Each participant was asked to bring a wrapped gift, my aunt would pile them up under the Christmas tree and after dinner – the games would begin. 
Wafting scents of Vanilla Bean, Winter Candy Apple and Mahogany Teakwood filled the air this morning as happy shoppers rushed through the newly-opened doors of Bath & Body Works on Ramstein Air Base.
Christmas markets are great fun, but at peak times you can end up standing rosy cheek to cheek with complete strangers and waiting for what feels an eternity to get your mitts on a hot mug of Glühwein.
For all the joy they bring, a visit to a Christmas market can come with a certain amount of hassle. The stress of having to drive in an unfamiliar city and squeeze an oversize vehicle into a space more fit for a Mini can quickly turn a grin into a grimace.
To the great joy and relief of many, most of the Christmas markets that make Germany one of the most festive places to be in the run-up to the holidays have been given the go-ahead by the appropriate health authorities. 
When you look back on your own childhood experiences, what are some of the more pleasant memories that come to mind? Chances are, you remember events that stood out starkly from the everyday routine. A trip to the big city. Grandiose spectacles or sporting events.
Widely celebrated in Germany, St. Martin’s Day (Martinstag) is a Catholic feast day dedicated to St. Martin of Tours. Martin was born in Hungary, in 316 A.D., and as a teenager joined the Roman army, becoming a soldier as his father had.