Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs Releases 2020 Impact Report Highlighting Military Spouse Entrepreneur Data

Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs Releases 2020 Impact Report Highlighting Military Spouse Entrepreneur Data

by AMSE | Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs
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Trenton, New Jersey (Jan 28, 2021) –  Today, the Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs (AMSE) released its annual Impact Report. The report details information about the members within their organization and the growth the company has seen in its first year of operation. The report also includes remarkable stories and outcomes that highlight the company's positive impact on military spouse entrepreneurs and the milspouse community as a whole. 

Since AMSE’s inception in November 2019, AMSE has supported over 1500 military spouses. The impact report focuses specifically on the needs of military spouse entrepreneurs and gives insight into the organization’s initiatives. The impact report includes information on the program as well as specific data to help further provide information, resources, and support that the military spouse entrepreneur needs to sustain a scalable business as they navigate military life. 

"Our data report is exactly what organizations need to have in order to create realistic and impactful resources that fit the military spouse entrepreneur," said Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Moni Jefferson. "My hope is that organizations take this information and tailor more programs and global support that spouses actually need. AMSE is not just checking boxes: we are delivering tangible and innovative ways that have proven success.”

AMSE is building economic impact for our nation's military families by providing them with the tools, network, and resources to start, scale, and sustain their businesses while supporting their military members who serve our country. AMSE provides a digital dashboard with masterclasses, virtual coworking space, group coaching, and peer-to-peer mentorship to build a PCS-proof business.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) Flossie Hall said, "We desire to collaborate with companies and organizations who share our vision in helping military spouse entrepreneurs succeed. We are truly stronger together but we cannot support our community alone. We are committed to reducing the unemployment rate for military spouses and we look forward to offering opportunities through entrepreneurship, bringing economic impact for these brilliant spouses who support their service members serving our country."

Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the unemployment rate for military spouses was at 24% --- a staggering percentage considering most households require two incomes to support their families. This is why entrepreneurship is an ideal occupation for many military spouses. Entrepreneurship allows the military spouse to work in their field of expertise, set their pay rates, and work on their own time. That is why AMSE was established with the core purpose to provide the resources military spouses need to build PCS-proof businesses. This impact report is needed now more than ever. 


Association of Military Spouse Entrepreneurs is a conduit between corporations and the military spouse community. Creating resources, programs, and strategies on how to further invest, impact and ignite the military spouse community. AMSE offers free entrepreneurship education and training, national masterclasses, peer-to-peer mentorship, virtual coworking, and the support needed to help reduce the national unemployment rate. 

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