Community News

High school graduation is a special time, and Stars and Stripes is pleased to be putting together our annual Grad Tab once again. We'll be highlighting information on all of the DoDEA Europe high schools and their graduating classes.
What better way to put a smile on our deployed servicemembers' faces than by writing them a letter? With our Pen Pal Program, your kiddos can do just that.
From the looks of things, you can see that many German gardeners have been quite busy already, evidenced by flowerpots and baskets on windowsills and balconies brimming with blossoms and color.
The month of May is a special time for our military, past and present, as they are commemorated for their sacrifice and dedication to our country during Military Appreciation Month. The role of the military spouse is also acknowledged as they have their own appreciation day on May 7.
Mother’s Day in Germany is celebrated on the same day as in the U.S. which is on the second Sunday in May. This year, it's on May 9.  The coinciding date has both advantages and disadvantages.
Disappointment will ripple around the world as the news spreads that the 2021 Munich Oktoberfest has, once again, been cancelled.
In Germany, April 30 is Hexennacht or witches night, which is the “trick” part of our Halloween's trick-or-treat. Traditionally, German youth make a joke out of making things disappear and wreaking havoc on this night.
The biggest shopping extravaganza of the year is back in USAG Stuttgart. 
Venturing to new countries affords us the opportunity for new adventures and experiences. One of the best ways to experience a country is through its food. Well, that’s my favorite way to do it. With each season comes different ingredients indigenous to the land.
With the onset of COVID- 19, TRIBE (a non-profit that works to bring the tools of yoga to the military community) began offering free yoga movement classes, guided meditations, breathwork, and self-care talks on their Facebook Page.
Longing for those longer and (hopefully) sunnier days? Get ready to spring forward and set your clocks one hour ahead on Sunday, March 28 during daylight saving time. Though chilly weather still lingers in the air, we’re one step closer to spring weather!
Need a pick-me-up? Read this heartwarming, feel-good story submitted by one of our readers: 
MADISON, WI, March 15, 2021 — Infosec today announced $120,000 in new cybersecurity education scholarship opportunities to help veterans, students and underrepresented groups in security launch and advance their careers.
Dogs are often treasured members of our families. Serving as protectors, playmates, friends and loyal companions (not to mention a living Roomba in the kitchen), our furry family members have unique and special gifts. It’s no wonder canines hold high esteem within the military.