5 things to do with your 9 euro train ticket: Child-free edition

Woman standing on paddleboard
Woman standing on paddleboard

5 things to do with your 9 euro train ticket: Child-free edition

by Tamala Malerk
Stripes Europe

With Germany offering nine euro local/regional train tickets this summer, you now have even more of a reason outside of this beautiful weather to go out there and explore. Each nine euro ticket is good for the month of June, July or August, and provides you with unlimited travel on local/regional transport services during the selected month (for example, tickets purchased on June 15 are valid through June 30).

Whether you are child-free or just looking for some adult time away from your children, here are some things to do across Germany with your train ticket.


  1. Stand-up Paddleboarding in Wiesbaden: Try something new and challenge your balancing skills by stand-up paddleboarding on the Rhine. They have courses for all levels; from beginners options to practicing yoga on the board. Find out more about arriving by public transportation here


  1. Take a Tour of the Marksburg Castle: Walk across a 500-year-old drawbridge and enter the Marksburg Castle. Enjoy a 50-minute tour of the castle and view medieval torture instruments and suits of armor along with various rooms and passageways in the “only hilltop castle on the Middle Rhine that has never been destroyed.” Find out more about arriving by train here


  1. Saarburg Waterfall: Bring a picnic lunch (or go to one of the nearby restaurants) and enjoy a meal watching the gorgeous waterfall. Located in the popular old town Saarburg, there are plenty of shops and sites to stroll around the waterfall. Find out more about arriving by public transportation here.


  1.  Go on a Kölsch beer tour in Cologne: For beer drinkers and those just curious about beer culture and history, you can take several tours in Cologne to learn about their famous Kölsch beer. Find out more about arriving by public transportation here


  1. Frankenstein's Castle: For hikers, castle enthusiasts and literary lovers alike, this is the place for you. Learn about the castle’s mysterious origins. Take a tour of the castle and then enjoy a savory meal at the on-site restaurant. There are several ways to get to the castle via foot and public transportation. Learn about them here


Bonus: Dachshund Museum: Who doesn’t love wiener dogs? If you are in Bavaria, check out this unique museum with over 4,500 artifacts dedicated to pint-sized four-legged furry friends. Find out more about arriving by public transportation here

You can purchase a new ticket each month for more frugal traveling expeditions. For more information or to purchase your tickets click here.


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