5 places to take your kids with your 9 euro train ticket: Bavaria

Kids hiking in forest
Kids hiking in forest

5 places to take your kids with your 9 euro train ticket: Bavaria

by Tamala Malerk
Stripes Europe

With Germany offering nine euro local/regional train tickets this summer, you now have even more of a reason outside of this beautiful weather to go out there and explore with your kids. Each nine euro ticket is good for the month of June, July or August, and provides you with unlimited travel on local/regional transport services during the selected month (for example, tickets purchased on June 15 are valid through June 30). Here are five places in Bavaria where you can go for a family-friendly adventure.


  1. LEGOLAND®: While aimed at children ages 2 through 12, Legos are something that the entire family can enjoy. Enjoy 64 attractions and marvel at thousands of Lego models constructed using over 55 million Lego bricks. Take a tour of the Lego factory or go for a balloon ride. For the daredevils in the bunch, you can ride on the back of a fire-breathing dragon. Find out more about Legoland’s shuttle bus from the train station here


  1. Bavarian Forest National Park: Visit Germany’s oldest national park for all of your outdoor excursion wants and needs. With around 350 kilometers of marked trails, there is plenty of opportunity for hiking and biking. Visit the Forest History Museum, the various animal encounters or simply play on the forest playground. Find out more about arriving by train here.


  1. Hellabrun Zoo: Founded as the world’s first “geo-zoo” in 1911, the animals here “live according to their geographic distribution in complex communities.” Learn all about Siberian tigers, Asian elephants, polar bears, South American sea lions and so many more through scheduled trainings, talks and feedings or just meander around to see animals from all over the globe. Find out more about arriving by public transportation here.


  1. Neuschwanstein Castle: Ever wonder where Walt Disney got his inspiration for Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty castles? Look no further than Neuschwanstein Castle. Book your guided tour on the website and explore the 14-room castle while learning about how Ludwig II wanted to build a castle that was “more beautiful and habitable than Hohenschwangau” but also gave Ludwig a place to rule after losing a war, and his official sovereign title, to Prussia. Find out more about arriving by public transportation here


  1. PLAYMOBIL FunPark: Splash in the pools and slip into a mermaid fin for that influencer picture in Mermaid Kingdom. Sift for treasures in the sand at the Gold Mine. Test your skills on the balancing course. And, if it is your child’s birthday, get them in for free. With everything from hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza, pasta, ice cream and beer gardens on-site, there is something for everyone to chow down on and enjoy. Find out more about arriving by public transportation here.


You can purchase a new 9 euro train ticket each month for more frugal traveling expeditions. For more information or to purchase your tickets click here


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