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Wondering what to do this weekend? Check out these awesome events happening near you!
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For Stuttgart residents who enjoy museums but like to party too, there’s a fun event this Saturday which involves after-hours admittance to 80+ museums in and around Stuttgart, hands-on activities, bands, special exhibitions, private tours, and more!
KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany – Now through April 19, military spouses can apply for the opportunity to earn a free financial counselor accreditation to help them find employment at any military installation or in the civilian sector.
KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany — Taking care of inbound Soldiers, civilian employees and their families throughout their relocation process can expedite their move and make a favorable impression when they travel to Germany. That's why U.S.
Disclaimer - Some of these events are very popular and may be sold out already:
May 25

10 a.m: Departure from Utah Beach. – 5 p.m: Arrival in Sainte-Mère-Église. Free to attend.
May 30 – June 2
Fish and Flavors
April 4-14 in Lisbon, Portugal
The Deutsche Weinstrasse, or German Wine Route, is a 50 mile stretch of eye candy incorporating low mountains, half-timbered villages and vineyards as far as the eye can see. Its mild climate promotes the flourishing of many species that normally thrive in warmer climes.
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Something that I really look forward to each year is Spring Break. Every year my parents usually decide where we go and so far their plans have been fun. However, this year I’m planning to propose my destination wish list to them. My plans consist of really epic ideas to spend our week.
Looking for ways to celebrate yourself or the women in your life today? Here are just a few ways to do so in Germany:
Random acts of kindness
Women of the world, rise up and shine today, for March 8 is your day!
One of the first of the seasonal herbs to make its way to German tables by way of farmer’s markets, supermarket shelves or trips to the forest with scissors in hand is Bärlauch, a long green leaf with a flavor not far off from that of garlic.
Many of those raised in accordance with Christian traditions know that Ash Wednesday marks the start of the season of repentance that’s known as Lent. It’s likely that far fewer, particularly non-Catholics, understand the origin or significance of the day.
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