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Do you love to write? Hope to find a career in journalism, public relations or other communications field after college? Or are you hoping to keep your current skills up to date to sculpt you into being a great candidate for a future job?
Air Force Chaplain (Captain) Jason Gunnels is a lot like a magician’s hat with a whole lot more in it than you’d expect---like owning one of those hats because he’s a professional magician working weekend gigs in Southern California.
Kaiserslautern, Germany – January 21, 2020 – The KMC’s biggest live viewing event will be returning to the KMCC Exchange at Ramstein Air Base on Super Bowl Sunday.
The American Forces Network (AFN) is broadcasting Super Bowl LIV between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs live on AFN TV and radio.
Watch the Super Bowl Feb. 3 at 12:30 a.m. Central European Time (CET)/8:30 a.m. Japan/Korea Time (JKT).
The event which enjoys an almost cult status among the KMC is back for another round!
Dating back to the 12th century, Belgian beers have left their culinary mark. Initially brewed with a low-alcohol content, beer was once used as a safer alternative to the country’s available drinking water supply.
Last week, rentable e-scooters started popping up around Kaiserslautern. You can now own an electronic scooter or rent one of the teal-colored TIER scooters through the company’s app.
When I was little, I loved celebrating two New Years – the more well-known version on Jan. 1 and the lesser-known Chinese New Year sometime between mid-January and early February.
Bruges Beer Festival
Feb. 1-2 in Bruges, Belgium
For almost 46 years, vampires have descended upon Heidelberg at that fabulously famous carnival party, The Vampire Ball, which will be held at the new location in Wiesloch.
The start of the New Year marks a fresh beginning and a time to take stock of what you have.
Do you love to write? Looking to gain experience writing for one of the most respected U.S. military media organizations? Needing more content for your portfolio? Look no further!
As the U.S. entered World War II, posters depicting the phrase “Loose lips sink ships” were printed and widely circulated. It served as a staunch reminder of never knowing who may be listening to public conversations.
The wrapping paper is strewn around the house, you’ve had one too many helpings of pumpkin pie, and you’re afraid to go to the mailbox and get January’s credit card statements. It’s happened again: you overspent this holiday season. You’re not alone.
Christmas Circus
Through Jan. 5 in Wiesbaden
Acrobats and clowns, dogs, tigers and ponies are among those set to entertain with their heart-stopping acts. The action unfolds in a heated big-top tent.
The Stars and Stripes “Welcome to Europe” folders are available now to equip you with the best survival guides in Europe! It will include the most recent publications of: