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What better way to put a smile on our deployed servicemembers' faces than by writing them a letter? With our Pen Pal Program, your kiddos can do just that.
The devastating economic consequences of Coronavirus needed only a short time to manifest themselves, as the likely demise of one of Germany’s well-known chain restaurants bears out.
The thought of a German spring without any fests is sad indeed, but we’re doing what needs to be done. Now it seems another joy of the season of rebirth and renewal might be under threat.
DALLAS —With schools in Europe closed during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Army & Air Force Exchange Service will begin providing grab-and-go breakfasts and lunches for students beginning March 23.
Longing for those longer and (hopefully) sunnier days? Get ready to spring forward and set your clocks one hour ahead on Sunday, March 29 during daylight saving time. Though chilly weather still lingers in the air, we’re one step closer to spring weather!
As DoDEA schools in Europe continue to close and most host nation schools shuttered, tens of thousands of students are switching from face-to-face instruction to online learning platforms.
Now that winter is leaving us, it’s time to get off the couch, put the remote down and enjoy the sun, warmer weather and all the things the much-welcomed spring season has to offer. Here are 10 reasons to come out of hibernation and embrace spring in Germany.
Wondering what to feed the family and your fine self in these uncertain times? When the commissary’s a long drive away or not an option for you, it’s reassuring to know your local German supermarkets have adequate stocks of plenty of long-life items to patch you through in a pinch.
Frankfurt’s spring Dippemess festival will be featured in next month’s “What’s Up?” magazine, which was written and went to press long before mass cancelations started.
I grew up in Dublin, Ohio where St. Patrick’s Day was as big as Christmas. My maiden name is Irish and my married name is Irish. So it appears I can’t escape it!
Stuttgarter Frülingsfest has been canceled due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19, the novel coronavirus. The festival was scheduled to run from April 13 to May 10 and usually brings thousands of tourists to Stuttgart.
**DISCLAIMER: At the time of publishing, no events have been officially canceled. Be sure to monitor the status of these events before making plans.**  
For many years, a casual passerby in Nierstein, a small city on the west bank of the Rhine River some 20 miles south of Wiesbaden, would have hardly suspected the part this amiable wine town played in the waning days of World War II.
Celebrate Month of the Military Child with Stars and Stripes!
Due to the growing Coronavirus concern, Stuttgart's popular "Long Night of Museums," scheduled for March 21, has been canceled for this year.
**Disclaimer: At the time this article was published, this event has not been officially canceled. Be sure to monitor the status of the Easter market frequently.**