Guidelines Mission
We want to provide answers to questions such as, “How do I feed my wanderlust?” “Are there any events happening near my area?” “Did I miss any PCS information?” has all the answers to these important questions. We also want you to feel comfortable enough to explore Europe, any way you can.

Pitching to
From the start, please know this is an unpaid opportunity but a chance to enhance your portfolio. Become familiar with our community site, and know our target audience is Servicemembers, DOD personnel and their families living in Europe.

We have a variety of categories: Community News, Travel, Lifestyle, Education, and PCS. Before you pitch to us, be sure we have not already written a similar story. If there are similar subject matters to what you would like to pitch, ensure the angle won’t be the exact same.

The Type of Stories We Want
Community News

  • Festivals throughout Europe (big or small)
  • Holidays throughout Europe.
  • Major events on US installations throughout Europe.

Note: We want these articles 1 month before the actual day/event takes place.


  • Popular places in Europe to visit (please be unique in your angle).
  • Hidden gems/off-the-beaten-path places in Europe.
  • Travel itineraries, tips, budget-friendly ideas, places for families, singles, couples, people with pets.

Note: Please pitch anything timely 1 month before the best time to publish the article.


  • Healthy living.
  • Workout tips.
  • Parenting tips.
  • Coping with deployment.
  • Food recipes.
  • Location reviews (any place in Europe - coffee shops, diners, restaurants, gelato shops).
  • Food-related articles (unique foods to try in Europe).
  • Drink-related articles (breweries and wineries in Europe)


  • DODEA related articles.
  • Child development articles.
  • How to start or further your higher education overseas.


  • PCS tips.
  • Tips for settling in a new place.
  • PCS effects on families, couples, teenagers, and young children.
  • How to meet new people.
  • Organization tips.
  • Things you wish you knew before PCSing to your duty station in Europe.

How to Pitch to Us
Be unique amongst the rest and tell us why you would like to contribute with Stars and Stripes Europe and what writing background you have.

  • Fill out the form below with the subject line: “Volunteer pitch - Your First and Last Name”
  • Provide 1-3 attention-grabbing article headlines
  • A 3-4 sentence summary for each article idea you have and why you want to cover it.
  • If you do not hear back from us within 7 business days, please feel free to pitch your articles to other media organizations.

If Assigned

  • You will be emailed back within 7 business days.
  • You will need to sign our volunteer agreement which we will provide to you.

-Will my article go into a Stars and Stripes magazine? Possibly. All of our contributors always start with writing for our community site, We will let you know if we would like you to write for a publication after we have worked with you for some time.

-How long should an article be? Whatever you feel is best for the piece you are writing but anywhere between 300-1,000 words is best.
-Do I need to provide images to compliment my article? Images are great but not required. If you do submit images, they must be your own images. We will provide photo credit to you along with a caption.

-How many articles will I be expected to write? Since this is a volunteer position, there are no strict deadlines or expectations on how frequently you will submit an article. However, if you do agree with an editor on a deadline for your submission and fail to meet the deadlines, it is possible we will not work with you in the future.

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