USO K-town still offers tours and classes

by Shereece Spain
Stripes Europe

For those in the Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC) prior to 2017, you may be familiar with the USO’s monthly publication, the Kabel, which included listings of tours and classes. Even though the magazine is no longer being printed, some of the organization’s tours and classes are still available – at the low cost of free.

You can go on a tour of Kaiserslautern. You can also take a class to learn the German train system by hopping on the train with a guide to visit nearby historic cities, like Trier and Heidelberg. German cooking classes are still offered for all you foodies.

These programs are available to active-duty servicemembers and their families. Other qualified patrons, including retirees and DOD civilians, can participate on a space-available basis.

For more information, please see their list of events on the USO Kaiserslautern's Facebook page or website. You do not have to register in-person for most programs.

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