Take a vacation with Trips4Troops

Take a vacation with Trips4Troops

by: Michael O'Brien, Europe Travel Guide | .
Trips4Troops | .
published: April 04, 2017

For the past 30 years, Trips4Troops has provided servicemembers stationed in Europe with memorable, educational and fulfilling experiences.

Trips4Troops provides active duty, Department of Defense civilians, retirees and dependents on leave, pass or vacation maximum value and an array of destinations, encouraging families and single soldiers to take advantage of their time stationed here and enjoy an educational and leisurely combination for unforgettable lifetime experiences.

Trips4Troops tours include convenient door-to-door pickups for most U.S. installations. Tour durations range from weekends to long weekends and weeklong adventures. One of their most popular tours is Italy’s Best, which runs about every long weekend. Other popular tours include Scotland and Ireland via London and Amsterdam, Mini Cruise to Greece, Edinburgh via Amsterdam Mini Cruise, French and Italian Rivieras, and Three Cities: Vienna, Budapest, and Prague.

Trips4Troops provides tour itineraries and an easy booking system that requires no initial payment and flexible cancellation. Interested in taking a trip? Search “Trips4Troops” on Facebook, call +49 800 8747748 or email info[at]trips4troops[dot]com.

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