Spectacular spas: Lefay Resort & Spa on Lake Garda

by Jessica Zen
Stripes Europe

For a taste of luxury, wellness and nature combined in perfect harmony, visit Lefay Resort & Spa, located on picturesque Lake Garda in Italy. The spa, “a place where East and West blend in perfect synergy with the surrounding environment,” is the optimal location for body and soul to become rejuvenated. The wellness methods here are a blend of classical Chinese medicine and western scientific research, which are sure to inspire an inner balance like you’ve never experienced before. 

From one treatment to a several day wellness retreat, this location has it all. There is an infinity pool that seems to become one with the horizon, along with a saltwater pool that extends from inside to outside overlooking the lake. To let the stress of everyday life melt away, there are six saunas and five relaxation areas. If you want to keep up with your workout routine, this resort has a fitness area. If you prefer being one with nature for your workout, there are fitness trails with eight exercise stations to improve muscle elasticity and an energy garden. 

After a relaxing massage or workout session, feed your soul with gourmet cuisine at the resort’s restaurant, La Grande Limonaia. The resort offers many items from the Mediterranean diet, including seasonal ingredients, extra virgin olive oil, citrus fruits and locally grown herbs for light, fresh meals. After dinner, the Lounge Bar is a great place to grab a drink and take in the sunset over the lake. 

To really get the most out of your trip, spend a night or two in this relaxation oasis. The rooms evoke the natural surroundings by using local materials and natural fabrics. You can choose a room that opens into the gardens and overlooks the lake, or even a suite with a private balcony. To really live the life of luxury, book a room with a private infinity pool, garden and spa area. 

Regardless of how long you stay, you’re sure to leave Lefay Resort & Spa feeling invigorated, relaxed and ready to take on the world. However, don’t get too comfortable. You may never want to leave this beautiful resort surrounded by gentle hills, natural terraces and a stunning view of the lake.

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