Race to the finish at Nuerburgring


Race to the finish at Nuerburgring

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published: September 16, 2016

Situated in the town of Nürburg, Nürburgring is the perfect place to expand your passion for professional race car driving. Offering up to 200 shows a year, as well as a variety of solo-driving experiences, Nürburgring is a great afternoon getaway for servicemembers and their families. 


Ranked as the toughest rink in the world, Nürburgring has been challenging racers since 1927. After hosting its first motorcycle race in 1927, the doors of possibility opened for Nürburgring! Once the ring’s popularity soared, Formula Two European championship, motorcycle races and sports car championships flooded its event calendar. 

During the late 1990s the track got its first makeover. This remodel provided the track with the means to be environmentally friendly. By establishing an environmental system, the ring became the world’s first EC-Eco-Management and Audit Scheme certified ring. 

In 2007, the track attracted new clientele by opening its first hotel and business center. Today, staying at the hotel is one of the best ways to experience the ring’s nightlife. 


Nürburgring’s immense racing schedule provides spectators with entertainment throughout the year. Whether you are new to the world of racing or not, the variety of events enables you and your friends to have a memorable time. 

Welcome home: Take a trip back in time during Nürburgring’s annual Classic Car Show. Throughout the afternoon, old cars travel through their home turf. Before you head out, make sure to check out the vintage car exhibition situated at the center of the ring. 

Motorcyclists’ mass “rev up”: Kick off the motorcycle season with a bang at Nürburgring’s motorcycle show. During the weekend motorcycle enthusiasts have the opportunity to see professional racers hit the track in style. 

Racing at Your Fingertips: Experience Europe’s most popular mass sport series at the annual VLN Entrance Championship. Throughout the afternoon, spectators can watch the pre-race practices during the open sessions. Once the racers complete their sessions, the race begins!

Nürburgring 1000: Have you ever wondered if a Ferrari is faster than a Porsche? The answer is revealed at Nürburgring’s annual 44-lap race. During the event, some of the world’s fastest cars head to the track and test their abilities. 

Motorbike race: Every year, spectators flock to Nürburgring for the annual Superbike IDM race. This fun-filled weekend is a great way servicemembers and their families can experience the thrill of motorcycle racing. Tickets include access to the ring’s paddock, the pit walk and the race party, which takes place on Saturday night. 

Formula One: Every other year, Nürburgring hosts one of the most anticipated races of the year: Formula One! Throughout the afternoon, spectators can watch some of the world’s best drivers enter Nürburgring and put their skills to the test. 

A race that’s survived time: Head to the stands for Europe’s oldest and most consistent touring car race series, the RCN Circuit Challenge! Vehicles from more than 27 classes and groups zoom through the course from June to October. 


Whether you want to explore the track alongside a professional race car driver or by yourself, Nürburgring’s solo and taxi driving experiences provide the ultimate driving adventure! 

Sports driver training: Have you ever dreamed of driving your own car on a world-renowned race car track? Well, if you have, Nürburgring’s Sports Driver Training Nordschleife XL is meant for you! During the afternoon, track marshals help you and those with similar driving experience navigate the track. Once you finish driving, indulge with a nice meal and head to the hotel for much needed rest. Reservations are required and can be made on the ring’s website. 

Taxi rides: Satisfy your need for speed by taking a spin in Nürburgring’s “Green Hell” car. Alongside a professional BMW race car driver, you and two other friends navigate through the ring’s twists and turns. Rides are only offered from April to October, and reservations are required. 

Driving school: Obtain your very own National A license by taking part in Nürburgring’s driving academy. During the course, explore the ring’s challenging course via a co-pilot session or by solo session. After hitting the track, head to the rink’s showroom, where a variety of race cars are on display. 

Expand your horizon: If you enjoy running and biking, Nürburgring’s annual Rad and Run event is for you. Throughout the afternoon, runners and bikers push themselves to master the ring’s 72 curves. Runners have the option of traveling 5, 10 or 24.4 kilometers, and bikers have the opportunity to go either 70 or 140 kilometers. 

Get a little muddy: Satisfy your competitive side by taking part in Nürburgring’s annual Fisherman’s Friend Strongman Run! During the event, participants travel along the outskirts of the ring and tackle a variety of obstacles. If you are big on spirit, do not be afraid to dress up; for all you know, you might end up running next to a Viking! 

Rock am Ring: Known as Germany’s most popular open-air festival, this hard core rock concert is sure to please. Throughout the event, some of the top rock and roll musicians of today perform. Make the most of your visit by staying at one of the ring’s campsites. 

Uncharted territory: Drive off course by taking part in Nürburgring’s very own Uncharted Trails activity. As you cruise through Nürburgring’s Offroadpark, watch out for the water holes, dense mud and bumpy terrain. Single-person four wheelers are also available for use. 


Whether you want to learn about the history of Nürburgring or professional racing, the ring’s museums are a must see. 

V.IP tour: Satisfy the historian in you by taking part in Nürburgring’s Back Stage Tour. Participants have the opportunity to explore the Historic Drivers’ Paddock, Grand Prix Drivers’ Paddock, pit lane, media center and VIP terrace. After exploring the ring’s history, visit the building’s roof for an aerial view of the rink. 

Zooming through time: Travel through time during Nürburgring’s Historical Backstage Tour. Stationed in the rink’s original paddock, this historical tour provides guests with an amazing journey into Nürburgring’s past. Originally opened in 1927, the paddock was restored and re-opened in 2011 and now houses the ring’s lap records. 

Ring Work-The Motorsport Adventure: Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a professional race car driver? Well, if so Nürburgring’s virtual museum has a variety of stations to put you to the test. Take the challenge at the museum’s tire changing station, play a variety of PlayStation racing games, and expand your own driving skills with the use of a driving simulator. Once you are tuckered out, take a seat in the museum’s very own cinema and experience life on the track during the showing of the 24-Hour Race in 4D. 


Whether you want to see one of Nürburgring’s 200 racing shows, explore the ring’s history, or test your own driving skills, Nürburgring is the place for car enthusiasts. 

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