Nov. 11 marks the start of carnival season in Germany

Nov. 11 marks the start of carnival season in Germany

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published: November 10, 2016

Not only is Nov. 11 Veterans Day (U.S.) and St. Martin's Day (Germany), it also marks the beginning of the "fifth season" in Germany. This extra season is devoted to Fasching, or Carnival, providing an opportunity to wear a costume and party with strangers before abstaining in religious observance of Lent.

Depending on where you are in Germany, Fasching may be called Fasabend, Faselabend, Fasnacht, Fasne, Fastnacht, Fosnat or Karneval. 

You've got time to start planning for the “crazy days” of Fasching, which take place just before Lent each year. In 2017, the festivities begin in late February, starting the Thursday before Ash Wednesday and ending as Shrove Tuesday (or Fat Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017) fades into Ash Wednesday. Rosenmontag, or Rose Monday, is the Fasching finale in many cities. 

Check back on Stripes Europe for event listings as the countdown to the crazy days begins. 


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