Making the most of your European tour

by Shereece Spain
Stripes Europe

One day you pick up your “bucket list” for travel while you’re here in Europe. When you start to unroll it, next thing you know it’s rolling right out the door! Well, mine did anyway. In our minds, it’s really easy to get carried away. In reality, we usually only have three to five years, so we won’t get to do it all. But that is OKAY!

Here are a few tips on how to leave feeling accomplished.  

  • Bask in the amazing memories you DO get to create, not the unchecked boxes of your list. We have a unique opportunity, so let’s consider how fortunate we are!

  • Do your research! has a plethora of information and tips on various European cities. Just type in the city in the search bar, and BOOM!

  • Plan ahead - Based on your budget, set up a travel schedule based on your prioritized destinations and the best time of year to visit them. Consider taking a bigger or longer trip once or twice a year and, in between, enjoy weekend excursions once a month with some killer day trips sprinkled in. If you want to go to Oktoberfest in Munich or Frühlingsfest in Stuttgart, try to plan those at least six months ahead (more is better).

  • Everything isn’t as close as you think - Don’t ask me why, but I honestly didn’t realize how far Berlin was going to be from us. However, Europe has a great railway system. It’s not always faster, but it’s really nice when you don’t have to do the driving or you don’t have to sit in traffic. There is also Flixbus and Ryanair. Compare your options to make the most of your time and budget.

  • Live like a local - We have thoroughly enjoyed (most) of the Airbnb or VRBO (Vacation Rentals by Owner) properties we’ve stayed in. It helps you feel a part of the city and its everyday life. Not that you want to spend much time inside your accommodations, but it’s nice to feel like you’re at home while you are.

One could dwell on all you will not get to experience in Europe. However, with a little planning and a perspective shift, you’ll soon realize you’ve got to experience more in a few years than the average person. Lucky you!

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