The ins and outs of parking at Frankfurt Int. and Frankfurt Hahn airports

by Mary Del Rosario
Stripes Europe

You’ve just booked your flights and are about to jet-set to a memorable European adventure. Awesome! Now that you know where to go, the next question is – where to park? Instead of aimlessly driving in circles at the airport, potentially missing your flight, check out these tips that’ll have you becoming a parking pro in no time!

Frankfurt Airport (FRA)

If you decide to take a trip over an extended weekend, then parking directly at the airport is probably best. Frankfurt has two terminals, 1 and 2, which are far apart from each other, so be sure to check ahead of time to see what terminal your airline belongs to. Note that there are different kinds of Parkhauses in the terminal, so take a picture of the level, row and the number of your parking space. To save on money and time, book directly on their website.     

Ideal for those who would need to leave their car for more than a few days, holiday parking is the cheapest option. One week’s parking starts at 39 euros. Booking is done only through online and minimum parking is 1 day. You can also book your spot 9 months to 24 hours before your departure. Note that the only way to get to the airport itself is via a free shuttle which arrives every few minutes.

Other parking websites near Fraport include:,,

Frankfurt Hahn (HHN)

Since shuttle services don’t drive to Hahn and public transportation is non-existent, many vacationers often drive themselves to the airport. ParkVia, an online booking service, offers cheaper alternatives to airport parking. The lot is within close proximity to the actual airport and a private shuttle service will take you to and from the terminal.

Also, there is a parking garage (Parkhaus) at the airport itself which goes from free parking for 5 minutes to 99 euros for 5 days. However, just recently, Hahn has increased their parking prices so be sure to book online ahead of time to save money! The parking areas are P1, P2 and P3. (P3 is the cheapest option which costs 49.40 euros for one week)   

Whether you’re leaving for two days or two weeks, it’s always important to know where to park ahead of time!

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