Millions of tourists flock to Lisbon each year and it’s easy to see why. The capital of Portugal is a budget-friendly destination with so much to offer such as iconic tram rides, picturesque architecture, lively neighborhoods and a plethora of gastronomic experiences to be had.
Aside from the iconic sites in Europe, an area many jet off to when they have been bitten by the travel bug is the Balkans. With a landscape and a culture that differs from western Europe, it’s easy to see why. Below are 6 reasons why everyone should put the Balkans on their travel list.
One of the many perks of being stationed in Germany is the ability to easily jet set to different European countries filled with memorable sights, new cities, beautiful beaches or adventurous getaways.
Surrounded by the turquoise waters of the Aegean Sea you will find Mykonos, a beautiful Greek island known for its paradise vibes and party atmosphere.
A visit to the iconic Eiffel Tower tops the itinerary of many who come to Paris. While you can see the tall tower from miles around, you may not know that you can climb up into the latticework and see it from up close.
Though iconic places belonging to Europe are important to see, it’s always best to travel to the lesser-known destinations to gain a better understanding of this diverse and beautiful continent.
The highest ski resort in Switzerland is located on the Matterhorn Mountain, where skiing enthusiasts from around the world come to experience perfect runs, modern lifts and fantastic ski schools.
Gravy boats, butter dishes, bowls, vases and more in creative, colorful patterns await your discovery at the multitude of Polish pottery shops in Bolesławiec.
Yes, a weekend in the Alps would be nice, wouldn’t it? Of course, you can pull that off with a modicum of planning. But what if you wake up to discover snow has fallen in your little corner of Germany?
Between work, family and the everyday stressors in life, we all need to provide more self-care moments for ourselves. Why not unplug for a while and check out these five amazing spa resorts in Germany that will have you feeling like a new, rejuvenated person?
Stroll through a German grocery store or market in February, and at first glance – it looks as if both Halloween and Valentine’s Day are being celebrated together. 
Stroll through a German grocery store or market in February, and at first glance – it looks as if both Halloween and Valentine’s Day are being celebrated together. 
Marrakesh is a wonderful city filled with beautiful architecture, unbelievably tasty foods, amazing experiences and lovely people. During your time there, cross these items off your Marrakesh bucket list. 
1. Stay in a colorful riad. 
Topping most “must-see” lists is the iconic city of Köln (Cologne). In addition to its historical beauty and local charm, February is a great time to visit if you want to be a part of the ultimate Fasching experience! 
Local Highlights 
Though summer is months away, it will soon be creeping up on us. As you make your summer plans, you might be torn as to where to head off on your next vacation.
Any spa that describes itself as having “a new level of sophistication, so even the most exigent tastes will be fully satisfied in the most luxurious spa” is a place that needs to be explored!