Great apps for mobile devices while in Europe

Great apps for mobile devices while in Europe

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published: March 22, 2016

If you're newly arrived to Europe, or if you've been here awhile, finding a trusty app on your mobile device can be invaluable. We've rounded up a short list of apps that can help make your stay in Europe a little more smooth. Some cost money to download, or have in-app purchases, but many are free. 


DB Navigator - This invaluable app is great for the German (and beyond) traveler. Stay updated on more than 200,000 stops of ICE, IC, regional and express transit, underground trains, trams and buses, including current maps and schedules.

Trainline UK - This app, from “the UK’s leading online rail ticket retailer” lets you view current departures, arrivals, buy tickets 10 minutes before departure and download up to 7 days of information to view offline. 

TomTom GO Mobile - This navigation app takes you where you need to go and saves you money on data roaming costs. How? It doesn’t require Internet connection to function. Free daily updates for the most updated maps. 


Stars and Stripes – The Stripes App delivers the U.S. military news you need to know wherever you are. You’re on the go; so let Stars and Stripes go with you. The tablet edition features a free seven-day preview and monthly subscriptions. Save with a 12-month subscription for $39.99, plus two additional months free. 

The Weather Channel - Get localized weather information for your day, week or even your next hour with 15- minute, hourly, 36-hour and 10-day forecasts. The app also provides so much more including severe weather alerts and future radar. 

NPR News - This app gives you instant access to your favorite NPR news and programs with just a push of a button. Plus, download NPR stations free of charge, and stay current with local news wherever you are. 


Cut the Rope - Little Om Nom loves candy! Feed it to the little monster by strategically cutting the rope so it lands in his mouth. Check out one of the many versions or play them all. 

Flow Free - Connect colors to pipes and create a free flow, then pair the colors to cover the entire board. Don’t let the pipes cross or overlap; they’ll break. 

Fruit Ninja - Become one with your sword as you battle your way through … fruit? Yes, you’re slicin’ and slashin’ in this juicy game. Beware of the bombs; they’ll wreck your Ninja fun. 

Pokémon GO - Explore Europe and catch Pokémon at the same time. Find your favorites at famous landmarks, or catch the elusive ones at lesser-known places. Try to catch 'em all!


Trip Journal - Taking a trip? Take photos, shoot video, map where you go, blog about it and share it in real time with friends and family. By integrating several programs including Google Earth, this award-winning app will keep loved ones and friends updated and envious as you travel the globe. 

Visit Europe –Visit one location and download beautiful, informational apps from the countries you want to visit across Europe. Not only are they free, but they’re from the top national tourism organizations. Countries include Austria, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Monaco, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and UK. 

Wi-Fi Finder – Need to upload travel photos to Facebook from your laptop or Skype with a friend? This app lets you search for free and paid Wi-Fi hotspots while you are on or offline in 144 countries worldwide. 

Spotted By Locals – As they say, “when in Rome, do as the Romans do” which goes for where they eat, cool things to see, etc. This app lets the locals give you travel tips for what they like in more than 40 European cities. 


Stack the Countries - Learn about the countries of the world with this award-winning app. With the help of the smartphone’s touch screen, players can drag, drop and move countries to carefully stack them as they play. You’ll learn everything from continents, countries, cities, flags, and more with the interactive game and 193 flashcards. 

CocoPPa – Create a phone style that’s all your own. With the help of this app, you can pick your favorite photos or images and replace them on the icons you choose. 

Viber – This app utilizes VoIP software (like Skype) that lets you send photos, free messages, texts and even phone calls between other Viber users. The app also integrates with your phone’s contact list, making it easier to stay in touch. 

Tiny Countries – Tiny Chicken needs your help in beating mastermind Dr. Evil before he destroys the planet. This app lets you brush up on your geography skills while foiling Dr. Evil’s plan of world domination. 


iTranslate - This award-winning app provides translations in more than 60 languages, utilizing voice recognition, text-to-speech and dictionaries with more than one translation. It’ll even provide different dialects, gender and speaking rates. 

KinderApp - This language app is designed to help children one year old and up learn simple words and phrases in English, German and Hungarian. 

Odyssey Translator –This app allows you to speak and hear translations, look up key phrases and words and listen to pronunciations by native speakeers, all while offline. A great resource to have in Europe.

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