Get inked at these upcoming tattoo conventions

Get inked at these upcoming tattoo conventions

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published: February 21, 2017

Ready for some fresh ink? Check out one of these upcoming tattoo conventions:

March 3-4: Tattoo Meltdown, Sweden
March 3-5: Mondial du Tatouag, France
March 4-5: Tattoo Tea Party, U.K.
March 4-5: Tattoo & Lifestyle Leipzig 2017, Germany
March 11-12: Tattoo Convention Gera, Germany
March 17-19: Tattoo Ink Explosion, Germany
March 18-19: Rotterdam Tattoo Convention, Netherlands
March 26-27: Scottish Tattoo Convention, U.K.


April 1-2: Besancon Tattoo Show, France
April 1-2: Lille Tattoo Festival, France
April 7-9: Tattoo Show Stuttgart, Germany
April 8-9: Tattoo Messe Ingolstadt, Germany
April 8-9: Tattoo Tours, France
April 14-16: Tattoo Extravaganza Portsmouth, U.K.
April 21-23: International Tattoo Convention Frankfurt, Germany
April 21-23: Lucca Tattoo Expo, Italy
April 22-23: Tattoo Convention Ulm, Germany
April 22-24: Lecce Tattoo Fest, Italy
April 28-30: Tattoo and Piercing Show München, Germany
April 29-30: Colmar Tattoo Convention, France


May 6-7: Tattoo Convention Pirmasens, Germany
May 6-7: Arel Tattoo Show, Belgium
May 12-14: Montpellier Tattoo Convention, France
May 19-21: Flensburg Tattoo Convention, Germany
May 19-21: International Tattoo Convention, Luxembourg
May 20-21: Tattoo Convention Bamberg, Germany
May 27-28: The Great British Tattoo Show, U.K.
May 27-28: Tattoo Convention Worms, Germany

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