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by Shereece Spain
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Over the course of our travels, I’ve tortured my husband enough by touring castles, and gardens, rummaging through yarn and fabric shops, marathon Christmas market excursions and all sorts of things that really don’t interest him. The kids have dragged him to sorts of kids’ museums, play places and amusement parks. For Father’s Day, it’s only fair that he has the opportunity to enjoy those things that truly interest him: beer and golf! Whether you’re taking the family or letting Dad enjoy a guy’s day, Bitburg brings them both together for a day Dad will not soon forget.

Dad’s kind of par-tee

Before the heat of the day, tee off at the Golf Resort Bitburg. It’s an exceptional 18-hole course that is open to all ages and skill levels of golfers. Try not to lose sight of your ball as it soars over meticulously manicured greens, white-sand beaches and glistening waters. Their driving range would be the perfect place to start teaching your future PGA or LPGA players the fundamentals. If your kids have no interest in golf, I’m sure they won’t mind serving as Dad’s personal golf cart chauffeur.

After your round or practice session, head on over to Paulo’s to enjoy a savory Argentine Black Ranch steak and a cold brew for lunch. The restaurant just opened this past spring. You’ll want to get in before everyone else figures out how killer their food really is.

Factory tour not to miss

It’s real tempting to loosen your belt and curl up for a nap after a hearty meal; however, you will actually have Dad excited about walking off lunch (versus sleeping it off) with the male equivalent of a chocolate factory tour - the Bitburger Brewery. I’m sure you have seen the “Bitte ein Bit” signs at any number of festivals or restaurants. Here’s a chance to discover what the buzz is all about. Only 15 minutes down the road from the golf course awaits this beer lover's haven. You’ll get to experience first hand how their frothy beverages are forged from hops, wheat, barley and other ingredients into the golden pils that fills your chilled mug. Admission prices are extremely reasonable. Tickets include two free drinks (non-alcoholic options are available) and a pretzel. Adult admission also includes a 2.50 euro voucher at the gift shop. Space on tours is limited, so be sure to schedule it in advance.

The fathers’ in our lives tolerate… I mean, give us so much of themselves everyday. Let’s take this moment to attempt to even the scorecard. Remember that the low score wins in golf. Even though you’re only making two stops, you’ll take home the proverbial green jacket from Dad this year.

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