Germany Day Trips: Bamberg

by Elizabeth Jones
Stripes Europe

Christmas markets in Germany are a must for everyone to experience during this time of year. While there are plenty of markets to choose from and many tourists flock to the big cities, they miss out on the treasures found within the smaller markets near home. Take a chance and fall in love with the quaint town of Bamberg. You never know what Christmas tradition may come about from exploring the road less traveled.

Markets of all sorts

Although considered a smaller town, you can find a handful of markets throughout Bamberg. The marketplace in Maximilliansplatz square transforms into a winter wonderland as it is the biggest market in the town. As night falls, watch the square light up with twinkling lights hanging over the array of stalls featuring crafts, art, tasty food and drinks. Dates: Nov. 29 - Dec. 23, 2018

Can you say you’ve been to a market in the “Sand”? Okay, while you technically won’t be walking through sand at this market, the “Sand” is Bamberg’s oldest district that hosts the Advent market. It is loved by both tourists and locals for its quaint and cozy atmosphere. Dates: Nov. 30 - Dec. 2, 2018.

If you’re a lover of crafts, the Intercultural Crafts Christmas Market will be the market of your dreams. Locals sell high quality products from the region, from kitchen décor, art, candles, soaps, Christmas decorations and other knick-knacks. This market supports a program that is after showcasing the Christmas traditions and customs from around the world. Find this market in in the newly renovated St. Johannes Chapel atop Stephansberg Hill. Dates: Dec. 13 - Dec. 16, 2018

A route you’ll never forget

The Route of Nativity Scenes is the most popular aspect of Bamberg during the Christmas season. The route features a series of 36 beautifully, diverse Nativity scenes found across the town in churches, museums, town squares, public buildings and private houses. Be prepared to go on a scavenger hunt to find the different scenes; there is no direct path to each one, which makes your visit even more adventurous. Maps for the Route of Nativity Scenes are offered in the Bamberg Tourist Center.

Indulge in tasty food and drinks

To satisfy your taste buds, take a bite out of a Bamberger Bratwurst, which consist of two long sausages on a short, warm bun. Chase your eats with Eierpunsch, similar to eggnog made with egg liquor, sweet white wine, orange juice and vanilla sugar. If eggnog isn’t your thing, try a fun twist to a Christmas favorite called, Heiße Schokolade mit Amaretto, hot chocolate spiked with Amaretto.

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