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by Shereece Spain
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Spring is in the air! Can’t you feel it? It’s time for me to get out and about for a girls’ day with my mom! We’ve done the spa thing. As relaxing as that is, sometimes you need something new. Being in a different country creates a challenge to come up with ideas. Flowers and sweet are enjoyable, but let’s put a new spin on it.

This year, consider treating your mom to a special trip to the delightful city of Augsburg. Amidst the treasure trove of history are these two gems to get you in that girlie mood.

Smell the roses

Strolling through gardens is not usually a “guy thing,” so our family tends to breeze through or skip any garden unless it’s a Biergarten (beer garden). In Augsburg, enjoy the 80-year-old masterpiece of the Botanical Gardens. There are various themed garden areas, such as the Japanese, Roman, pharmacists, and farmers gardens. They do offer various guided tours through the grounds; however, the tour price starts at 60 euros plus the cost of admission into the gardens. You are more than welcome to roam around at your own pace 

An adult day ticket is only 3.50 euros. Children 12-18 are 3 euros and under 12 the admission is free.

When you get hungry, stop into Kastaniengarten for some homemade Bavarian dishes. You can continue to enjoy the scents of the gardens while dining in the beer garden.

Satisfy her sweet tooth

Augsburg is the home of Zwetschgendatschi, or just Datschi. This delectable plum dessert is unlike any other. Depending on the baker, it may look more like a pie than a cake. The dough on the bottom is traditionally topped with Damson plums. You’ll find it baked open or with a streusel or nut topping. No matter how it’s made, you will be craving more. As you’re tooling around the city, be sure to find a cafe to enjoy a piece of Datschi with coffee or milk.

Other city highlights

If you want to walk off the calories from desert, wander over to the Augsburg Cathedral, Rathaus, and Golden Hall. You can’t miss them on the city’s skyline, but they are definitely worth a closer look. There’s also the Mozarthaus (where Leopold Mozart was born), the famous Augsburger Puppenkiste (puppeteers) and the world’s oldest social housing complex.  If it happens to be raining (yes, hard to imagine in Germany), the Maximilian Museum is the perfect escape and will still allow you to get a glimpse into the city’s rich history.

Spoil your mama with flowers and sweets in a totally different way this year in Augsburg.

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