Photo by: Aksoy
Photo by: Aksoy

Fuller’s: London's favorite brewery

by Richard Brown
Stripes Europe

Not only do the British love their fish and chips; they also love their beer. Second to none in the British brewery business is Fuller’s, a mainstay in London. With its award-winning premium lager’s and ales, Fuller’s Griffin Brewery has not only created amazing beer but has expanded to owning and operating many hotels and pubs around England. Their flagship beer, London Pride along with other brews, were named Champion Beer of Britain.     

With history that dates back centuries, makers of the famous London Pride ale would say that their story has been brewing for quite some time – and for good reason. The brewery got its start back in 1845 and has gone through some legal wrangling that almost ended the now thriving international business. The name Fuller is the family’s name and has been passed down but the name Griffin and its emblem that we see today didn’t come until later. The beer brewing industry hasn’t always been promising. In fact, because of one business going under is how Fuller’s Griffin Brewery acquired its full name. 

Offering many assortments of products that range from lagers and ales, Fuller’s has grown to owning over 300 pubs, bars and hotels. Their first-class support to all who’s interested in owning their own pub, Fuller lends its world class reputation in support of entrepreneurship. They are also official beer sponsors of the Virgin Money London Marathon and have been for 13 years. Not for the faint of heart, the run covers more than 26 miles of London and is held every spring. In the spirit of the home team, they have their own London Pride’s running team. Due to the popularity of the race, which host on average upwards of 40,000 runners, getting a spot sometimes is no small feat. For that same reason, each year Fuller’s gives back to the running community by giving away a small number of spots for keen runners who missed out on the ballot.

Whether you’re a lager or an ale type of beer person, Fuller’s full surface of bars, pubs and hotels will surely sear what it means to have London pride into you.  



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