Couples only: Tips for traveling together

Couples only: Tips for traveling together

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published: May 17, 2016

No matter how much you are looking forward to spending some quality time with that special someone, traveling together can be a bit stressful; regardless of whether you have been married for a decade or two or are just dating. It’s important to ensure a blissful getaway and keep the fire burning without getting burned. Taking a few things into consideration ill greatly increase the possibility that both of you will enjoy this and all future trips too.

Budgets and Splurges
Let’s face it; money is often an issue for most couples. It’s important for a couple to understand their vacation budget, if they have one, before they embark on that trip. If money is no object, then by all means necessary-- shoot the moon. If you’re like most, though, a decision needs to be made on what constitutes a necessity and what is considered a splurge. Be reasonable, a budget should take both parties needs into consideration. If a visit to the spa is a necessity, combine it with a picnic lunch in the park or a long walk on the beach to save money. Look for hotels that offer special promotions, such as free meals, spa and golf packages or discounts on popular attractions and tours.

While standing on a balcony overlooking the Grand Canal may seem like bliss, the price for that luxury will break the bank even in the off-season. But a luxury hotel in Treviso, a 20 minute bus ride away, won’t set you back too far and you can still enjoy the Canal and a little cash in your pocket too. Money matters can ruin a trip faster than bad weather or poor accommodations. And unlike a bad trip, money matters don’t end on the tarmac. So know before you go!

Work with Each Other’s Strengths
Don’t force the other to participate in the planning. While it’s important that you both feel you have a part in the success of the trip, it’s even more important to work within each other’s comfort levels. I usually ask for input on where to go and take it from there, but your partner may enjoy wading through pages and pages of information, virtual tours or guest reviews. That being said…

Working with each other’s strengths is even more important while traveling or training for the Amazing Race. Maybe you should drive while your partner navigates. Don’t be afraid to play to each other’s strengths versus struggling through a tricky situation. Look for balance and harmony should follow.

Pace Yourselves
Rome wasn’t built in a day and you can’t see it all in one either. Trust me! I know how fantastic it is to be on vacation, just the two of you. Take a moment to enjoy the journey and not just the destination. Factor in downtime for your vacation to sleep in or read a book on the hotel balcony. Walking the neighborhood hand-in-hand or gazing into each others’ eyes while spending an hour drinking a cup of coffee at a cozy café are great ways to punctuate the end to a fantastic day.

Do plan events for both you and your partner’s interests. If a day on the golf course is like heaven for him, and not so much for you, plan on visiting some of the local shops while he gets in a round or two. You’ll both appreciate the “me time” and look forward to sharing the day’s escapades afterward.

Try Something New to Both of You
Whether it’s to the beach or to Paris, make sure you change it up by finding something new to do each time you go. Believe me the Colosseum isn’t going anywhere, so if you don’t take that tour this time, oh well. Traveling is not always about checking things off your list. Rent an ATV, take a wine tasting class or forgo the tourist venues altogether and do absolutely nothing. If you usually book a chain hotel, B&B or rustic lodge, try a boutique, minimalist or spa retreat for a change of pace. Experiencing something new together is a great way to create long lasting memories.

Points to Remember

  • Make sure the hotel staff knows if your stay is to celebrate a birthday, anniversary, etc. and see how they can help you make it more memorable. While booking, I placed a brief comment announcing our upcoming anniversary. We were both pleased to see a welcome basket of fruit, chocolate and sparkling water upon our arrival.
  • Pack separate bags. Enough said!!
  • You don’t have to go far to get away.
  • A “traveling together” theme — use your imagination, whether an overnight trip or a few hours away, this is a great way to test the waters for new couples or spend a romantic evening sans kids, dishes or the dog.
  • Sometimes all you really need is for someone else to make the beds.
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