10 charming villages in France

April 19, 2018
While the excitement of Paris and the profound history of Utah and Omaha beaches beckon, here are 10 charming French villages that are worth the stop along the way.

Get ready for Kaiserslautern's festival season

April 25, 2018
Spring has sprung and fest time is upon us. The festival season offers everything from the local village Kerwe to regional wine fests.

Germany Day Trips: Cologne Chocolate Museum

April 22, 2018
The gray skies and seemingly constant showers of April in Germany can get a little depressing. The winter cabin fever is bad enough, so adding nasty weather on top of it is just...
A little girl is ready to travel.

Survival of the quietest: Flying with kids

April 24, 2018
Ok, maybe I’m bragging … but our daughter has been to 27 countries in 6 years. Considering we only have one child, this is fairly easy for us to accomplish as a team.

Florence: The good, the bad, the ugly

April 26, 2018
When perusing travel blogs or articles, there is definitely one common theme amongst them all: extreme positivity. It truly amazes me that every single person has the time of...

Exploring southern Spain

April 23, 2018
Decision made: We would spend 10 days in southern Spain, exploring the cities
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